One of the BEST Motivational Videos I've ever seen!


49 thoughts on “One of the BEST Motivational Videos I've ever seen!

  1. Unless if you took the risk and failed and all your wealth down to the drain…which happened to me well in a game with virtual money so no risk was taken except for the tons of hours "wasted". Wait what did happen to those who fail with high stakes?

  2. Then there is AB de Villiers, freak of nature. Freaking Genius in every field he has played. Just type "all rounder AB de Villiers" in Google Images.

  3. I heard that someone told Marilyn Monroe she was 'too curvy' and shouldn't bother modelling. Alexander Graham Bell was also mocked and told no one would ever use a 'telephone'. Albert Einstein struggled through school as a kid… the message is: go out and be that star you were meant to be, and haters gonna hate! Now go do it honey!

  4. Should I stay in my work that is boring, but I have nice co workers and I feel happy around them, but unsatisfied with the work or quit and try to pursue my dream job?

  5. Don't quit, except this isn't it, but if it is, stay there until the dark clouds recede and a clear blue sky brings back hope, stirs up in you, a fresh desire, which must be satisfied or you give up and become a helpless spectator, that can only watch but can't touch the cookie jar.

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  7. The comparisons ni this video are right. You can fail and fail over and over again but the thing is to never give up!
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