Optimistic Nihilism


The philosophy of Kurzgesagt.

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Optimistic Nihilism


Date: February 21, 2020

35 thoughts on “Optimistic Nihilism

  1. If the workings and the why’s of the Universe are something that is on your mind, I highly suggest that you read Ecclesiastes, Proverbs and Job in that order. Ecclesiastes is about the unpredictability of life and the onslaught of time, Proverbs is all about how to live a good life, and Job is surprisingly comforting story about why we will never understand all of this at least until we are gone. If you hat reading, you should definitely check out the summary videos of these books that were done by The Bible Project; they’re very easy to follow, very well done and very short.

  2. Hey kurzgesagt, I became depressed and crying when I saw this video. I’m afraid I find no meaning to live a long life after seeing your clip. I’m 10 and this video needs serious improvement. how do you know “the universe is gonna end!” or “your gonna be dead forever!” and this stuff we don’t know a lot about. After all we are just apes and might be only one in a gazillion intelligent species in the universe. We probably haven’t even detected them cuz we yet don’t have the technology to detect or find them.The point is, what you believe sometimes become true. Phillip Detmer you don’t know any past lives so we will never know. I know you guys are trying to make all your videos much less scary, but they are scary sometimes. I am a fan for the last two years. I love to learn from your clips. Make a revision of this video to make us more comfortable. I love you kurzgesagt and your vids, but we sometimes need to change, to make others change too. Love
    Ps. I am only 10 years old

  3. The answer is Islam, Why live in this life and try to pleasure yourself for like 60 years while you can live forever with beyond comprehension pleasures which will last forever and you dont have to work for it, as a muslim, we are all also human beings, we want pleasures too, and we get them all the time, the only difference Is that we are muslim and we do extra things for the pleasure of Allah, pray our prayers, smile at people, behave with good manners, love everyone equally all for the pleasure of Allah and he will give us paradise forever and forever, this life is a illusion, you will be crying at the day of judgement when people will be put in heaven or hell, May Allah guide all of us and may peace be upon you, at the end of the day nothing happens without Allahs will.

  4. The meaning of life is to live with peace and to die and go to heaven for good that we did, heaven forever and forever and have pleasures forever. Everything comes from Allah, he has created the universe and everything so that we can live with islam which is peace and obey our maker, once they are no muslims left, the universe will have no point of being there and will be destroyed by Allah the almighty, he has given us purpose, to please him through our actions of good towards creation and the creator and for that he gives us eternal pleasure in this life and the hereafter. This is all real and amazing, how we cant even comprehend this universe and imagine the individual universes allah will give us in the hereafter, we are the only creation in the universe who has a brain to do things with choice and will, animals and other things dont have that choice and thus that is also proof, pardise awaits you and me but we should be muslim and please Allah by small actions consistently, Allah knows we are weak, he created us in the end. In heaven we will all be at the prime of our ages, there will be no sickness and no death, there will be infinite pleasure which is always going to be increasing, drinks you cant comprehend, women you cant comprehend, amazing man, amazing.

  5. Is it possible all our telescopes are just seeing some edge of our universe and just zooming in like a microscope would ? It seems like there would be a point where light couldn’t even pass through?

  6. While I don't agree with most of this video, and I believe there really is a purpose as to why we're here and the universe around us, I have to say that I greatly admire your ability to take something so dark and something that seems so pointless and turn it into something so freeing. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on morals and how they came about and why they matter to us. I know that's a pretty subjective topic, but I'd love to hear your view on it.

    As I side note, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work that you put into these videos and how you try to present an unbiased opinion on everything you present. I disagree with a lot of your videos simply because I don't believe the universe is billions of years old, but I still get so much out of all your videos and I enjoy them so much, even when the topic of the video and everything about it is contrary to my beliefs.

    Thank you again for all you do. You make science and everything else you present so much fun and interesting to listen to. Keep up the great work!

  7. (I am not a native english speaker so Im sorry if make a mistake).

    So the life is vanity in this perspective, but this is only the perspective of the world, the truth is that God created the universe and create us to be part of the eternal happiness of his been but we cant be part of that if we dont deserve it or understand what we need to understand, that is the truly meaning of our lives, our purpose in this world that ends is to reach sanctity so we can be in the presence of God.

    Please, think about it, get an effort in studing the theology so you can understand what Im talking about, as a Mexican physicist student who also is a practicing catholic I can tell you that science dispite be incredible and amazing is not the only way of knowledge and its method cant bring metaphysical responses, this way of thinking is very different of the materialistic way of the modern "no religious" people so I know that it can be hard for you to understand especialy if you have prejudices on religion, but give it a try, in your encounter with God you will see how your life is filled because only God can fill our hearts.

  8. This so called 'existential crisis' is caused by our desire to find out what is going on. There is a logical explenation for why the galaxy exists, why we exist, what happens after death, etc. The limiting factor in this situation is our brain. We are simply too stupid to comprehend the meaning of all of this. For instance, a cow probably doesn't even know it's on a planet, and why that orange ball is so bright. It's too stupid. So why worry about it, if you're never going to find out? Just keep in mind that there is a logical explenation for all of this, it's not magic. It can't be. Worry about the things that matter.

  9. m8 optimistic nihilism is the WAY TO FUCKIN GO
    this is how my brain has been functioning lately, I wish I could understand brain chemistry but it's too complicated for me. If I understood brain chemistry I'd know what the actual fuck is goin on inside my brain. I am happier, more creative and every day I wake up with an intense euphoria, caused by a love for basically everything
    I also feel like I'm losing my mind but I've never felt better
    I might be in love, not just with a person but with everything that has, is, and ever will happen, I've realized everything can be explained by math at the most basic level, math is literally the language of the universe, and once we fully understand that we'll be able to upload it into a computer and create an exact replica of this universe. Nothing would change, if you managed to get everything right about the beginning of said universe

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