'Our failures drives us on' – Trent Alexander-Arnold in-depth | Football Focus


Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold sits down with Football Focus’ Dan Walker for an in-depth interview ahead of the new Premier League season, discussing a range of subjects including how Liverpool will defend their title, his personal ambitions on the pitch, and what he hopes to achieve off it.


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‘Our failures drives us on’ – Trent Alexander-Arnold in-depth | Football Focus


Date: October 14, 2020

21 thoughts on “'Our failures drives us on' – Trent Alexander-Arnold in-depth | Football Focus

  1. Good parenting, smart astute personality, highly motivated all combined with being surrounded by the LFC team, support staff and Klopp who act as educators every day…..what a future this young man is going to have! You just gotta love him eh 🙂

  2. I'm twice his age but hes a really impressive individual. Sense beyond his years, articulate and humble person. Which considering his age status and wealth is a true credit to him and his family. 👍👍

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  4. The assumptions he makes and the regurgation of the mainstream media's narrative is really disappointing. Stick to your football Trent, bright future ahead.

  5. What a guy an a proud scouser too.. yes Trent son.. world class mate world classsss.. here’s to many more trophies to come boom 💥

  6. Find myself completely agreeing with Trent on racism. The problem I have is that the future he wants us to work towards (where the word racism is an irrelevance because no-one views race as important) is one that elements of the BLM movement in the US call white supremacy – if you don't believe me then just research critical race theory. It's disturbing. There's this weird tightrope that people who are completely against racism have to walk at the moment. We desperately need a centrist movement which happily disavows the bigotry on both right and left.

    I'm not comfortable with throwing my support behind BLM for that reason (along with the violence that has taken place under its banner without voluble condemnation from the same people leading and promoting it) and people accuse people like me of being racists, despite us hating the white supremacist movement with a passion. Hating someone based upon their race, or treating them different in any way is just as bonkers as hating someone based on hair colour. I'm just not comfortable with throwing my lot in with people who are also racists, and/or think that physical violence is acceptable for any reason other than defending against physical violence directed towards you.

  7. The title is clearly German mentality Klopp's fingerprints all over the club too bad the English don't know anything about that formula for success. I think even if the Germans show Brits a different side to them they will still hate Germans for the 2 World Wars. Germany ought to boycott Britain not send their best players and managers to live and work there.

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