Our Search for the Best Ice Packs


Equipment expert Adam Ried reviews ice packs.

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Date: October 17, 2020

26 thoughts on “Our Search for the Best Ice Packs

  1. Ice with frozen water bottles or block ice is the way to go. Don't drain the water unless you gotta carry the Damn thing.

  2. The melting of ice is what chills things down. That phase change requires a lot of energy and absorbs the heat out of anything nearby. Enthalpy of fusion!

  3. I have had a cooler pack approx 10 inches square for 15 plus years & use it mostly to pre cool my coolers & it will extend ice retention. But it leaked today after all these years. Was a great ice pack. Paid like $5 for it. Probably used it several hundred times & would stay cool well over 24 hours. I think that works out way cheaper then buying a bag of ice. But I mostly used it to pre cool my bigger cooler night before I would go fishing a great lake throw it back in freezer. Then throw in a $1 7lb bags of ice for the fish. It will be missed so now looking for a replacement.

  4. The ice packs are designed to be work with the regular ice he put the ice packs at the bottom then you put your stuff on top of it and then you put the regular ice on it I don't believe you did a good review and try again

  5. They all suck, non of those ice packets work, Your best bet is to just use ice if you want cold beverages. If you use frozen ice bottles, they will explode if you fill the bottles up to top. Because when the ice starts to melt ut has no where to go, I have seen it blow the plastic twist caps right off. But if you fill the bottle only 3/4 , Then you will be good to go. I personally just recommend putting your beverages in a cooler tgen dump ice over top, Thst is truly the only way to keep your beverages ice cold, also keep the lid closed until you need a drink, if its not fully closed the cold air inside will go out into the atmosphere, And melt the ice quicker, I ride my Harley all summer and go to all the bike weeks, And believe me i have tried everything. What i do is i put a contractor bag inside ny saddle bag as a liner, which you can also do in a regular cooler. Then i set my vinyl cooler inside that contractor bag, then i put my bottle spring water in there, a couple monster drinks, a couple coconut waters, and about 6 cans of beer, wifey makes up her favorite grey goose and cranberry and puts 3 of them in a water bottle. Then i put ice over top of those beverages, after all day in the sun. At end of evening. There is still ice left in the cooler and our stuff is ice, ice, ice cold. The contractor garbage bag acts like a liner thst helps keep the ice from melting as quick.

  6. They skipped one key test… expansion! I still have 2 ice packs my dad bought back in the 1970s or 80s. They stay flat, and work great. Unfortunately, that company no longer exists (or doesn't make them) anymore. I only discovered Artic Ice packs last year. They stay flat.

  7. I use double-wall collapsible bags (2/$9) filled partially with water, then drink/use the water when it thaws. No waste! and MUCH MUCH cheaper than a single $20 pack or buying ice just to throw away!

  8. If you use it for an injury the flexible one works better. Truth is ice packs are used more fore medical than food.

  9. The ice blankets are helpful when used in addition to the ice packs (or frozen water bottles). You lay them over the top of your food so the cold air sinks down.

  10. This matches my own experience when going for short camps. Ice wins. Cool everything before driving there and then buy a bag of ice or two at the closest place or stop off to the camp. Yes your stuff gets wet but thats what zip lock bags are for. And beer cans taste just as good when wet 😉

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