Paints we use and why


In response to comments on my last video, and some previous exchanges I’ve had with Peter Millard about water based paint options including Tikkurilla, I thought I’d share more about how and why we moved from hand applied Leyland and Johnstone’s paints to spraying Sayerlack paints from Movac.

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Date: October 15, 2020

27 thoughts on “Paints we use and why

  1. How does the sayerlack take to the mfc panels? Do you still use the primer on the mfc also or just use the topcoat? Interested in trying this paint. Great content and insight

  2. Hi Alastair lovely video!!!
    I would like to test this paint but I went in the website and I realised that they don’t sell the paint online, so I sent 2 emails in the last 10 days but I did’t get any answer from them.
    Any advise will be welcome.
    Many thanks

  3. It's all about the end result and you've certainly helped in explaining paint choice.
    At present i use 4inch roller with harris fluffy sleeve and Hamilton Expression brushes as I don't work in a workshop.
    Ultimately sprayed finish is where its at for evenness and Mirka abranet is fantastic, you can also use it wet! MDF I avoid!! but nevertheless your workshop is a master class in showing what you need to get on spraying or not.

  4. Thank you for the well thought through opinions Alistair. Just looking at getting into spray for my cabinet work down in Essex. Huge help, much appreciated.

  5. Hi Alistair, it's great to see the stuff you're doing. I have a similar home workshop setup, and pretty much the same kind of rudimentary spray and drying area! I'm currently about to make the switch from zinsser BIN primer and Tikkurila everal aqua top coat to sayerlack at99 and sayerlack AU406 or 474…. what's drying times like in 'real world applications' ? Both BIN and everal are sandable within a couple of hours in the current temperatures we have(bloody cold!) Does sayerlack compare to these times? I have a small drying area so being able to get components out and stacked quickly is quite important

  6. I've heard many positive things about the Leyland Acrylic Eggshell. I went and bought some a few weeks ago, and it'll be going on my interior doors, door architraves, and skirting in a few days. Hopefully it's as impressive as the reviews suggest.

  7. I use an mdf seal /high build filler from HMG sand back then a 2k 7015 primer then top coat. acrythane works well get a glass like finish. And also a decent spray gun makes a big difference use a gravity fed gun like a 1.4 FLG5 DEVILBISS for top coat. and 1.8 for filler / primer

  8. Hi Alastair, great video, very informative. I too use sayerlack good paints, only having trouble with deliveries to my workshop, anyway my question is how do you find those infrared heaters? Are they helping a lot? What spec are they?

  9. Very similar to my experience. Started with hvlp and moved to Graco airless. Use the same paints as you were and couldn't get a perfect flat finish. Used lots of diamond White but always found install difficult due to the tacky nature that didn't seem to improve. Am considering trying teknos water based finishes. Gid joiner uses a simple compressor and gravity gun with 2 pack paint and gets a great hard finish. So many options and am always slightly disappointed that it is not perfect. Thanks for the info. So what is your honest opinion on movac?

  10. Any idea if Movac are trade only? I'm not a business, more of a maker. I have a 50 sqm MR MDF cabinet project to paint and could do with some advice on appropriate paints to use.

  11. I really hope you see this and are able to respond. My decorator is painting my walls and will be starting the woodwork in a few days. I didn't want to go down the oil gloss route as previously the paint has turned yellow. Is there a primer paint you would recommend for mdf skirting and a different paint for top coat? Every single person I speak to says something different.

  12. Why on earth would you make such informative content so logically and understandably presented!?!

    Where are we heading in this world were years of your professional experience gathered by painstaking trial and error are just available for all of us to build upon!?!

    I've been thinking of this exact same business model for a while so this is exceptionally interesting to me.

    Absolutely brilliant stuff. Please keep them coming!

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