Pakistani journalists under attack – BBC News


There’s rising concern about a growing number of attacks on journalists and human rights activists in Pakistan – allegedly at the hands of the country’s powerful intelligence services.
Last week one journalist was viciously attacked at gunpoint, whilst in April a commentator survived a shooting in a park. The government has denied the state is involved, claiming some of the allegations are made by people wanting to seek asylum abroad. Secunder Kermani reports from Islamabad.

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Date: September 20, 2021

24 thoughts on “Pakistani journalists under attack – BBC News

  1. That's a fake allegation. I don't even know his name. All over the world, theives and other gang members use the name of governmental organizations to fool the people and loot their property.
    If an intelligence agency decides to silence a reporter or an anchor, why would it's agents be so stupid to reveal who they work for?

  2. Enough is enough. Stop Western propaganda against Pakistan it’s intelligence service and its armed forces.
    Whoever will be found working against Pakistan will be questioned.
    Long live Pakistan 🇵🇰
    Long live ISI 🇵🇰
    Long live Pakistan Armed Forces 🇵🇰

  3. So I smell a set up? Why would the guys say were ISI? Esp to a journalist, and then let him go like that, come On, everyone knows your tricks now…

  4. This idiot is a Big Liar & No intelligence agency person will identify himself . This was all a Fake & the Truth was exposed that it was all Set up

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