Pakistani PM: India committed strategic blunder – BBC News


Kashmir has been in lockdown for more than a week now, with mobile, landline and internet networks cut off and curfew-like restrictions that ban people from assembling in crowds. However, officials said on Wednesday that these restrictions have been eased in the Hindu-majority Jammu region.
But there have been protests, including one on Friday in Srinagar in the Muslim-majority valley. It involved thousands of people coming out after midday prayers to demonstrate against the move.

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Date: June 12, 2020

25 thoughts on “Pakistani PM: India committed strategic blunder – BBC News

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  2. Pak have pok why do they want Iok isn't that being greedy.why do they think that Kashmir is part of Pakistan.Even when they were formed they didn't have Kashmir so why do they need something they cannot posses.

  3. Stupid economist tell u about Pakistan economy dying and stuff like bankruptcy…. Things r different here, Pakistan's 95% economy is undocumented and nobody knows how much money one makes and spend….thats why govt of Pakistan impose indirect taxation… Which is almost 45% including Gst, sst, cvt, VAT and many more…. So plz guys don't take these international figures in account they r misleaded just to take more money from IMF and others….. May b it's policy and on the whole… Pakistan's debts r nothing as compare to Indian borrowings…. I earn only rupees equalant to 400 dollars in Lahore and drove Mercedes 2007 sports….i wear only Zara Hugo boss and stuff… And I never know a single person who died by starvation here in my City

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