Panda cub growls and jumps at France’s first lady, Brigitte Macron


France’s first baby panda has been named Yuan Meng (‘accomplishment of a dream’) at a ceremony attended by Chinese dignitaries and the French first lady, Brigitte Macron.  The ceremony at Beauval zoo, south of Paris, was considered a diplomatic event,  but the four-month-old male cub decided otherwise, making a growling sound and jumping towards Macron when she put her hand over a glass wall to pet the animal. 
The baby panda’s mother, Huan Huan, was artificially inseminated from partner Yuan Zi this spring. Both are at the zoo on a 10-year loan from China, and their offspring officially belong to the Chinese government. The cub will be sent to a Chinese panda reserve when it is weaned

View the video at https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2017/dec/04/panda-cub-growls-jumps-france-first-lady-brigitte-macron-video


Date: November 16, 2019

33 thoughts on “Panda cub growls and jumps at France’s first lady, Brigitte Macron

  1. This is horrible treatment, he is surrounded by a lot of people in a small glass box with no care or mother and a lot of noise. No matter how cute you can’t just put a panda on display like one of those small robot dogs you see in the mall.

  2. These people have no sense.. the baby is scared without his mom and let out a bark and they get closer and continue laughing like it’s “cute.” Only his keepers should be able to get that close unless the mother is present and you still dare to stay in proximity.. angry momma pandas are no joke. I would like to see who’ll be laughing then..

  3. madame la présidente. les pandas c'est bien ok. çà permet de ce montrer, faire çà promo. le peuple s'en fou, par contre regarder une vidéo de vous au resto du cœur entrain de transpirer pour aider des personnes en difficultés la oui….faite moi rêver

  4. After the footage you see of how well the Chinese care for their Pandas and then you watch this. Makes you think France would be better giving the Pandas they have back to China.

  5. it's the perfume? a lot of scents that we manufacture and find alluring, drive animals absolutely batty. folks who use cologne in socal will be delighted to know that it attracts mountain lions. needs more research.

  6. Poor thing in a small glass box nowhere to retreat. Surrounded by people. It must be terrified. This is disgusting! Why do people find this thing cute?! Animals are not your f*****g teddies. Empathise properly.

  7. The Guardians brain would have exploded with glee if this had been Trump. It would have been front page news "TWO SCOOPS OF ICECREAM?" err, I mean "PANDA TRIES TO SAVE EARTH BY ATTACKING TRUMP!"
    (The two scoops of icecream was actually a big news story in the Guardian a few months back… and this is the educated paper for the educated Remain voter)

  8. Aww It looks scared because there all crowding around the wee thing it probably needs it's mum instead of being put in the centre of a table to be stared at in my opinion it's actually quite sad for the baby panda ☹❤

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