Panic as thousands flee Taliban onslaught in Afghanistan – BBC News


The UN has urged Afghanistan’s neighbours to keep their borders open as the number of civilians fleeing the Taliban onslaught swells.

Thousands of those internally displaced have been arriving in Kabul, seeing the capital as their last safe refuge.

On Friday, the Taliban seized the country’s second-largest city Kandahar, the latest provincial capital to fall.

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Date: September 24, 2021

46 thoughts on “Panic as thousands flee Taliban onslaught in Afghanistan – BBC News

  1. Look at what life does to men in Afghanistan and then look at how the women look as "life" does NOT touch women. And you freaks bring on dolls and mouthpieces who just know where the oppression is . . . .

  2. Sanctions need to be taken against Pakistan for doing this to Afghanistan , the Taliban were corrupted by the ISF which is a branch of Pakistan government

  3. They knew a year ago the troops were pulling out. Sadly they did not know their leader was a coward who ran off shitting himself

  4. I believe that the Taliban will not be easy to control the followers since they are mostly uneducated, blindly Quran believer, being used to do evil cruel things, being enjoying sex. And I believe that among the Taliban there are diferent interest and goal. There is big potential conflicts among them. There is fearness even among the Taliban. May God protect peoples of Afganistan.

  5. Unimaginable that a little group can take over loool these are clearly paid terrorists fund by uk royal freemasons….wow the royal family are so desperate to diflect from their peadophile child trafficking

  6. The least Biden could do is evacuate as many Afghani citizens that want to flee the region as possible to prevent all out civil war to advert catastrophe

  7. Where do Afgan refugees flee'' to Europe? Islamic ideology spread to Europe' Islamic law. Why Muslim majority countries always War and why refugees from muslim countries flee to Europe. '' the refugees have to flee to Arab' UEA'' pakistan' bangladesh

  8. Pray for Afghan civilians to be protected, especially in Kabul. Thank you in advance to all who will join my prayers. May their prayers be returned with 10 times the blessings! Thank you for all your prayers!

  9. You west people f**k everything. Fu**ed in past now doing in present also. Your greediness is the thing which is creating tensions everywhere. Now damage is done and you will plan to come with lot of fake propoganda movie to show they are culprit.

  10. My heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of soldiers who died in Afghanistan. Your sacrifice though in vain, will not be forgotten.

    And my prayers to the people (especially women and everyone not Sunni Muslim) in Afghanistan. It frustrates me that we cannot do anything more.

  11. I'm worried that power will leave a vacuum. I'm really worried about a Cambodian style killing fields taking place after a full U.S. withdrawal.


  12. BBC preparing the British people for tens of thousands of Afghan men arriving in the UK.
    Stand by for sob stories, completely uncritical analysis and mass fawning.
    As well as the desperate search for a family amongst the male hordes

  13. This war began because of the arrogance and stupidity of the west. The Taliban had said from the beginning of the war that we will hand over Osama and his fighters if you can show us evidence of his involvement… All you had to do was sit down with their members and show his guilt.
    Seems like you had no evidence then

  14. Afghanistan isn't known as the graveyard of empires for nothing. 20 years ago it was predicted by some that sending U.S ground forces into Afghanistan would result in "an unwinnable counter-insurgency war in a hostile terrain against a people with a long history of resisting outsiders." Unfortunately not enough people listened. The ruling class are addicted to imperialism and certainly didn't listen. The war of terror had nothing to do with 'freedom' or 'democracy'. It was simply about power and resources for the ruling class – which is what the lives of soldiers, civilians and the Afghan people were sacrificed for. The reason the Taliban came to power in the first place is because of the Soviet-Afghan war (a trap set by the US to weaken the Soviet Union). The ruling class of the likes of the US and UK never cared about the people of Afghanistan or freedom, just their own selfish greed, as usual.

  15. Are People in "the West" really surprised? No. Are news organizations surprised? Apparently? What is the purpose of these "news" organizations? They seem to exist in a fictitious realm.

  16. You can't pin this on Trump. Biden is the president. Biden is the Commander-in-Chief. Biden is on vacation.

    This hasn't been a war in a long time. Our last combat death was 18 months ago.

  17. if soldiers are being sent back to “tidy it up” why don’t they just nuke the place completely flat and end all this nonsense. when will people realise you cannot domesticate mongrel animals.

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