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In Shanghai, officials are on the brim of making it legal for aging parents to sue their kids for not visiting. Kids may also face credit score penalties if they fail to respect the aging population in China.

Here’s your reminder to call your parents. And if you’re in China, here’s your reminder that if you don’t visit, you might get sued. 

Officials in Shanghai are about to make it legal for aging parents to sue their kids if they don’t visit. But it doesn’t say how often those visits should happen.

And if getting sued by your kin still isn’t enough to make you visit, there are other consequences — like a lowered credit score.

City officials say the new regulations are meant to ensure older people in the city get enough support — including government services, benefits and family support. 

Chinese culture puts a heavy emphasis on respecting elders. And China’s elderly population is growing. 

Shanghai’s legislation is inspired by a national law that focuses on the elderly population’s well-being.

While the national law requires children to care for aging parents, it doesn’t say what punishments will be handed down for failing to do so.

This video includes clips from Voice of America, CCTV and NTDTV, and images from Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau and Getty Images. 

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Date: September 14, 2019

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