Paris Fashion Week : Mermaids, Princess and Wedding Dresses | NTD TV


And in Paris, fashion week is on with the 2020 spring and summer haute couture shows. Our correspondent David vives takes us behind the scenes.

January 22 marks the third day of the Couture Shows amid one of Paris’ many Fashion Weeks.

Inside the Hotel Intercontinental, it seems there’s never a minute to lose backstage. This is where models prepare for the spotlight, amidst rows of dresses.

Zyad Nakad is the brain behind the collection. He’s also the pair of hands that perfect the small details. For his Spring and Summer dresses, the Fashion designer imagined an ocean of colors fit for a mermaid–princess-style.

A twist of the hair, a last touch of glitter…

But there are always small challenges for models.

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Date: July 12, 2020

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