"People don't believe I am Japanese" says Miss Japan – BBC News


With a Japanese mother and African American father, Ariana Miyamoto has become the first bi-racial woman to be crowned Miss Japan. The question of whether a person of mixed race should be eligible to win the competition has since provoked a heated argument on social media, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports.

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Date: September 30, 2019

32 thoughts on “"People don't believe I am Japanese" says Miss Japan – BBC News

  1. Ppl always saying mixed this, mixed that! Whatever the father is, the same is the child!!! That's scientific facts if you're into science! The father holds the seed and the mother is the carrier..the end!

  2. Imagine spending your life trying to be Miss Japan, but some fake Japanese-Yankee comes along and steals the crown from you. If Miss Nigeria were given to a white redhead, I'm pretty sure the global reaction would be very, very different.

    "Open your borders, Japan, nothing bad can happen!"

  3. She’s gorgeous and smart but I do understand why Japan has those views since mixed races are not as common however it’s shocking how they are completely closed and weird about other cultures.

  4. First and foremost she’s not French nor Japanese. Her father is of african decent tha landmass which holds multiple tribes some of shemetic decent and others of Hamitic decent. More than likely she’s of Shem which would make her a Hebrew woman because Africans of shemetic decent in the western areas of Africa and other regions are the real Hebrews or Israelites. People are so simple especially gentiles vain and brute in thought. France is a landmass just like Japan, not every Japanese person is the same there are tribes and different cuktures within the landmass. Plus you are who your father is just because she was raised in Japan and speaks the language it never takes away who and what’s in her blood Hebrew.

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