Piers Morgan Calls Meghan Markle & Prince Harry 'World’s Most Toxic Royals'


While many royal fans loved Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s recent trip to New York City, Piers Morgan wasn’t one of them. The 56-year-old posted a lengthy column about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Monday calling them “the world’s most toxic royals.” Piers apparently took issue with the couple visiting the Big Apple, saying he thinks the trip was hypocritical because the duo left life as working senior royals to have more privacy but yet they joined many public events and official meetings.


Date: October 6, 2021

46 thoughts on “Piers Morgan Calls Meghan Markle & Prince Harry 'World’s Most Toxic Royals'

  1. Como me desagrada este hombre.
    Creo que no puede superar el hecho de que ella lo plantara por Harry… y que esperaba?
    El no odia a los Sussex sino que actúa como un enfermo, un maniático obsesivo .
    El está enfermamente “enamorado” de Megan
    Lo verdaderamente tóxico es su obsesión por ella.
    Y no aguanta los celos que le tiene a Harry
    Da vergüenza ajena, lastima mm

  2. Nothing like using the royal titles – you gave up…. for your own personal monetary gain. These 2 are vile FRAUDS! They only want more money and fame. Nutmeg is a fake and her Mother Doria Ragland is so low class, she served 5 years in JAIL for tax evasion. Nutmeg should be knocked down off her pedestal for good ! Private jets should be off limits to these 2 !

  3. Kate prostituer de jardin horrible hahaha. Meghan very good beautiful classe chic carismatique sympathique inteligents amoureux love USA.😄😄

  4. Not Brits being mad in the comment section 😂 they r here for a good cause not for a movie premiere like the so called future queen and king……… they left so deal with it darling instead of crying like lost kid

  5. These two don’t listen to what people think about them. No Einstein’s and it shows in their pathetic style.

  6. I would love to know who these half whits are who think these fakes represent our Royal Family. I dont particularly like what Morgan usually represents as he comes from the same hypocritical stable as Markle,but he is spot on with this observation. Wake up America for God's and give this appalling pair the same Cold shoulder they would get if they ever stepped back together to the Eastern Atlantic

  7. She is trying to look young in the white dress but she is a 44 year woman and should have stuck to her usual black more her age

  8. Meghan still wont give this jealous morgan troll the time of day, and its killing him. I think he's making it, his lifes work to TRY and destroy the Sussexes with his vile vitriol and constant trolling, but looking at his appearance, he's only destroying himself. That's what hate does to you.

  9. Toxic Pinocchio Morgan needs to hush about Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle Princess Henry of Wales, Duchess of Sussex. 🤥Pinocchio is the only one toxic because of his OBSESSION with Duchess Meghan. The Duke & Duchess left England as he wanted them too & he still has daily UNCONTROLLABLE – VITRIOLIC RANTS about the Duchess. They have a God given right to live their lives as they choose too. Pinocchio needs to go live his & quit attaching them through misguided & precarious interviews with Thomas the Duke of Sperm Donor.

  10. They are annoying & phony! Wearing designer clothing & hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry visiting students in Harlem. Very bad taste

  11. He married Megan to revenge for his mom! Plus why spotting on him??? U still have ur beloved Charles and witchy Camilla so enjoy… of course William seems not caring about what happened to his mom! The Crown is that much tentative

  12. F* Morgan! Ur mom isn’t Princess Diana, and ur mom wasn’t murdered! At least Harry is courage enough to open his garden! All royals are into orgies… But unfortunately u want statues not humans

  13. What is the world royal denotes? regal? dignified? do the act dignified? no way Jose. I won't call them royals.

  14. Oprah's interview only shown us how terrible Harry and Meghan are. Harry and Meghan are trade mark of negativity. 😏😏😏 Their whole brand of Harry and Meghan shines only a vibe of hatred and pity play. What I do know is Harry and Meghan simply cannot live without spotlight and media attention, Harry and Meghan claims they are "lost and trapped", both of them seemed like two troubled adults that are attracted to their own very sadness and depression. From what i can see they are meant for each other as they are both very toxic themselves and they are attracted to each others sadness narrative that they constantly try to dramatize, consume and emotionally embrace this negative vibe. 😵We don't need more trash from them though its quite entertaining. What they did is simply making it too great for us to redicule and too easy for us to spot their manipulating behaviors. Harry and Meghan , you guys are both such a actor and actress and not very good at it. Your fake nice is all too obvious. You are both not genuine human beings at all.

  15. Bare in mind Meghan was once friends with Piers , then he said something rude and she didn't reply to him again which tipped him over the edge… and since then he has become her stalker … for a man to bash a woman so intensely I find it very disturbing

  16. Obsession is such a bad look Piers. Let it go man! Let it go! Move on. Theres more in the world to put your opinion on than them. Prince Andrew is a better topic.

  17. what toxic are people like Piers Morgan who acting like a little B because he got ghosted by Meghan thats where this has all begun and if you really think about he mad cause he not getting a reaction out of Meghan cause she still ignores him..

  18. why did you not include harry violently shoving little girl at school; crazy hypocrits; I do not believe had shots themselves; would markle miss photo opp of getting jab.


  20. Piers Morgan again🤤Really!! He is still talking about them? Is there anything else going on in his head, his life, his world? Dude get a life!!!

  21. Total hypocrisy!! She just wants a big chunk of fame and wealth since she wasn’t successful much in her own career.

  22. I don’t understand why they don’t remove their titles. A prince without a Country? that doesn’t exist.

  23. i am one of the fans of harry and meghan for they are trying to make money on their own which is highly commendable for royals.

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