Piers Morgan Continues To Bash Meghan Markle in New Op-Ed Piece | THR News


Piers Morgan continues to bash Meghan Markle in a lengthy piece in the Daily Mail. Morgan begins by calling out Markle for her and her Prince Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. Morgan also criticizes Prince Harry for “publicly shredding” his family and the Monarchy like this” while his grandfather, Prince Philip is ill, and said that it was “so out of character for a man who once bravely served his Queen and country in war.” Morgan continues to blast Markle saying that he didn’t believe her claims of racism in the royal family and was called racist for not believing her. Morgan went on to say that the higher ups at ‘Good Morning Britain’ wanted him to apologize to Meghan but he refused to do so, and thus stepped away from the British morning show for good.

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Piers Morgan Continues To Bash Meghan Markle in New Op-Ed Piece | THR News

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Date: September 30, 2021

42 thoughts on “Piers Morgan Continues To Bash Meghan Markle in New Op-Ed Piece | THR News

  1. Meghan said she was Married by the Archbishop few days before ,Proof Meghan is worlds biggest liar. Round the world majority don't believe her. Surprised she didn't say her chickens lay golden eggs, and that she made more movies than Halle Berry.

  2. Alex Beresford looks Sicilian or Arab, not Black
    Meghan Markle looks French, Spanish, or Northern Italian, not Black

  3. That black guy is the most annoying and unintelligent guy I’ve ever seen on tv. And he is so proud. Of what? Of being dumb?

  4. Dear girl, Harry’s wife is the epitome of narcissist behavior. Really not to do with Piers, however, he has much to say about her. He is right. She is a complete abomination!

  5. I'm a Democrat and not the biggest fan of Piers, but I am totally in agreement over this, its disgusting what those two did.

  6. Haters will always be haters but Meghan is happily married to Prince Harry and they’re expecting their second child with love!

    So..! Haters.. just try to get life and leave Meghan and Harry alone. It’s enough, they left the empire that was burning them alive and it’s still not enough wow! Morgan.. it’s time for you to look for a job and leave Meghan alone.

  7. Agree with him. When all of this happens to you within your husband family, you speak to them about it, not on Oprah. She threw his entire family in front of the bus. And most likely there is no going back for him after this.

  8. Piers is amazing. Thank you standing up for the truth. Regardless of who are, no one should be allowed to make dangerous charges against anyone without proof. Especially, with so many holes in their story.

  9. Absolutely right piers.
    That's a gold digger whose been given a long rope.guess the royal s r getting it back for bumping off Diana.by having to put up with this cheapos comments.

  10. Imagine the layman on the street harassing someone continuously and brutally for 3 years, what would it be called?
    However, as usual, one rule for the goose! Another for the Gander!


  11. I used to get annoyed he talked about her so much. It was like he was keeping her fame alive and didn't want her to keep the crazy woman relevant. After that interview though I don't care if she's dragged awhile and then forgotten.

  12. REMEMBER – Piers was close friends with Donald Trump the biggest individual on the planet that could NEVER tell the truth, Welcome on board Piers.

  13. I don’t agree with everything he said in the past, but he is 100% right freedom of speech is so important to every single member of this country and the world come to that, he’s also correct in hindsight because it’s now proven that the half cast second-rate actress is a Liar. And so is he who should be stripped of his role titles he is not fit to carry them. We have to admire a man who stands by his principlesWell done

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