Plane Crash Leaves People Trapped In Dangerous Ice Water | Critical Rescue S1 EP10 | Wonder


On January 13, 1982, Washington National Airport is gripped by a mid-winter blizzard. Shortly after liftoff, Air Florida Flight 90 experiences a problem. The nose of the plane pulls up sharply, but it refuses to gain altitude.

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When disaster strikes and tragedy seems certain, there is only one hope – Critical Rescue – highly trained teams of paramedics, rescuers and doctors. Their jobs are dangerous, their rescues dramatic. But for the victims of a disaster, these courageous men and women are all that stand between life and death.

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Date: May 6, 2020

42 thoughts on “Plane Crash Leaves People Trapped In Dangerous Ice Water | Critical Rescue S1 EP10 | Wonder

  1. man, 10 minutes would be so long to be in water that cold. When I was younger I jumped in after a kid into water that was 4C (39.2F for Americans) one time, and at the time I was a certified lifeguard and a competitive swimmer, had a rescue line and flotation device, and I was only in the water like 30 second…but I'll never forget how tired the shock of that cold and trying to move through that cold made me. "Just" 10 minutes must have felt like an eternity. It makes you really appreciate Arland passing on being pulled out cause not only was he risking his life, but he would have been acutely aware of that cause every second he spent in that water would have felt like hell.

  2. The camera was showing Arland all along especially when he was giving the rope to others. But they would not show how he died or drowned.. Something fishy there.. hmmmm

  3. Flight attendant checked for herself…… smh…. you supposed to make sure they were ok first isnt that how its supposed to be….. i cant look at her face…

  4. Those pilots were armatures and off the worst kind… Terrible… They basically committed suicide & killed almost everyone with them… What IDIOT pilot/s wouldn't check heaters, defrosters & deicing in cold/freezing weather? Some special people I would say, as it is just naturally the first thing on your mind and the worst thing you would fear in those conditions.

  5. Omg 😱 THE WHOLE TIME I WAS ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT 💺!!!! GOD BLESS THE MAN THAT WAS REALLY REALLY HURT BUT STILL KEPT GIVING HIS RECUSE ROPE TO THE WOMEN & a Man!!!!! BLESS HIS HEART ❤️!!!! He’s the REAL MVP💯💯!!!! I hope 🤞🏾 he make it out 😔 I didn’t get to the end yet 🤦🏾‍♀️!!!! This is my question tho, if the Helicopter 🚁 had an ADVANCED PILOT 👨‍✈️ SKILLED ENOUGH TO HOVER FIR SERVER OF MINUTES!!!!! WHY THE HELL THEY DIDNT PULLED A COUPLE PPL UP AT ONCE😱🙄???? They had the helicopter 🚁☑️,,, THE STRONG 💪🏾 ROPE ☑️ & a VERY SKILLED PILOT 👩‍✈️,,, WHY THE HELL THEY DIDNT PULLED 1 person up out the water 🌊 ,,, sit him in the helicopter 🚁 & throw the rope back out,,, and PULLED THAT UP,,, SEAT THEM AND THOW THE ROPE BACK OUT??!!!!! Okay 3 you can hold….. Quickly,,,, go drop them off,,, and come back & Repeat the process,,, my MVP PROBABLY WOULD HAVE MADE 😞😞!!!! And by the way,,,, doing it’s like that, would have SAVED PRECIOUS TIME!!!! I HEARD THE. SAY,,,, BY THE TIME THEY GOT TO SHORE WITH ONE ☝🏾 PERSON AT A TIME,,,,, GETTING THE ROPE OFF THE PPL WAS TOOK MORE TIME!!!!! But don’t mine me, it’s an opinion 🤦🏾‍♀️🙊🙊!!!!! Thank God some people made it 😌. !!! I am deeply sorry 😔 for the ppl that didn’t make it out that day!!!!! GOD, BLESS All the WORKER & THE PEDESTRIANS 🚶 🚘 WHO WENT IN HEAD FIRST WITHOUT THE THOUGHT OF SELF!!!!! God bless y’all

  6. Skutnik, Olin and the selfless guy who was tangled in the fuselage and all the rescue people are fine examples of stand-up American citizens . Hamilton, however, should’ve caught a boot to the face while he was hanging on to the skid.

  7. I loved 15 min from the WW bridge and I remember being in the traffic while they were trying to save those people and it was amazing how many people survived the crash.. God put Angles with them I believe that with all my heart ❤️

  8. I have such a fear of drowning that I'm pretty sure I could not do what Arland Williams did. I could jump in the river and swim out but being trapped in that fuselage and having that plane shift and drag him under just gives me a lump in my throat.

  9. To think perhaps Arland D. Williams Jr. possibly could have survived along with the others trapped in the frigid waters that day, if only he had put on the helicopter tubing maybe they could have pulled him out of the wreckage first and still saved 6 other souls OR maybe he was mangled in the wreckage beneath the waters, his lap belt stuck or he was caught between the exposed electrical wiring we saw and could not have been pulled loose. We will never know (the what ifs) because he unselfishly made no attempts to save himself that fateful day and went down with the plane. What a strong and unselfish human being he was at the end God will remember his soul and all the others lost in that accident!

  10. I’m just lost as to why they’d still fly – seeing how they said the weather “soooooo bad” like that! The narrator made sure to be hell of descriptive about the weather!

  11. wow  real life hero stuff    I'm all crying   for real   I  love people like this I hope to be that kinda person if it happens I'm in that situation

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