Poland 'illegally' pushed migrants back into Belarus – BBC News


Thousands of migrants have crossed into Poland from Belarus since July, and the country has already laid more than 150km of barbed wire coils along its border to stop them.

Poland, Latvia and Lithuania have all declared a state of emergency, with Lithuania in the process of building a 4m-high metal fence along its border with Belarus.

Amnesty International say it is illegal to force migrants back who are trying to claim asylum.

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, MEP for the Law and Justice Party of Poland called the migrants “fake asylum seekers”.

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Date: October 6, 2021

22 thoughts on “Poland 'illegally' pushed migrants back into Belarus – BBC News

  1. How can you illegally push someone back when he tries to illegally cross the border ? wtf bbc this shit is just funny 😂

  2. We have an obligation to defend our Fatherland. This is our first obligation – safety of our women and children, and the future of our Nation. One day you will see that we were right. This will be the same moment, when you come to our country to seek jobs and safety, as your countries will no longer be yours. Amen

  3. US is bringing thousands of ISIS and AlQuida into our country. No vetting. Do I know that is a fact? No. Fits with the pattern. They are the same devil plants sent to Poland before WW2. The same Antifa protestors in US then moved to Poland. They were tearing down or defacing statues of Mother Mary and Jesus in US. Same bloodline.

  4. NGOs are parroting Belorussian propaganda. If Poles didn't protect our borders the illegal migrants would end up in Germany or Calais.

  5. bruh, just let them through. They just gona go to Germany, France, UK, Sweden, etc, to the other parts of EU. And if EU wants them then let them have them.
    Or even don't push them back to Belarus boarders, but just take them closer to Germany boarders and let them go XD

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