Polar Bear Hunts Beluga Whales | Blue Planet | BBC


This polar bear hunts beluga whales for a tasty meal.

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Date: January 20, 2020

24 thoughts on “Polar Bear Hunts Beluga Whales | Blue Planet | BBC

  1. Did something similar in Seven Worlds, One Planet. Except it was in Hudson Bay, Canada. They were leaping off rocks. The Polar Bear actually caught one! Amazing that a predator that is threatened by climate change can think of a way to catch food.

  2. The ice and the environment is MUCH better back in 2008 😭 make it much easier for the the bear to hunt food. This makes me glad but now it's so hard for the polar bear to find food because of global warming 😭

  3. how the question is would you rather live in a tub and play tricks all day but safe or would you rather have the freedom but face danger everyday.

    I cant choose.

  4. This video is deceptive by omission. It implies that the hunt was a failure.
    My memory of the full video, as well as that of other viewers, it was a successful hunt.
    A truly awesome picture of the power of these bears has been denied the viewers by this posting.

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