Pope's annoyance over arm yank – BBC News


41 thoughts on “Pope's annoyance over arm yank – BBC News

  1. What are the bodyguard doing? They are being paid for nothing? What if that was somebody to harm him. Nobody is supposed to be yanking somebody’s hands especially when he had turn away. People are too much just because he’s been very nice

  2. In seconds, From Pope to Real Human. Will he pray for her? The lady is either desperate, lack of etiquette due to her upbringing, culture… there are cultures with different gestures of greeting people. After all we are all humans putting up a face.

  3. I think she hurt him. Look at his expression as she yanked him back. Anyway, really hate people like her. These are the type of people who treat others as objects and who probably takes wild animals for selfies. I have seen one who really would not let go of a celebrity's hand and the celebrity was so uncomfortable trying to let go but since they were on stage, he couldn't do anything while the woman kept on yanking the hand of the celebrity like it's a trophy. For the next fans, a group of bodyguards prevented the fans from even shaking the hands of the celebrities.

  4. Papa Francois good morning where is the love of in the Christian on the Bible you did this act it is not too good because the people love you because you are on the 1st person in this earth, you represent the love of Almighty God but what you did is not perfect but we ask Almighty bless you more

  5. real saints do not change yourself in any condtion.but, today, real internal mentality come frontof people.
    god lovers always serve the society and love the people ….always ready to do sacrifice for peace……..once day fake people caught

  6. Idk what's up with everyone being toxic about having a Pope, but just about everyone should know that the Pope isn't worshipped by the Catholic church, he's simply the head of the church. And again, the church is just a man made organization, it's not perfect, exactly like humanity, and just like everything else that humans are involved in, it gets corrupted in some way.

  7. Let us think more about Jesus. Spies hunted for His life through all His 3 ½ years of ministry. And see Him in Pilate's Judgment hall. Where He was tortured abused, spit at. And then influenced by the Jewish leaders the whole multitude screamed, "Crucify Him, Crucify Him." The only one that was imbued with heavenly peace was Jesus Himself, for "Great peace have they that love Thy law, nothing shall offend them." Psalm 119:165

  8. Should have took his stupid robe off too. With his false gospel of salvation. Don't know why he's wears that dress. He should get on his knees, and call out on the Lord Jesus to be saved. Rev 17 . Wicked false counterfeit religion . There all dammed, because the bible say so

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