Portugal among countries added to travel quarantine list – UK COVID-19 update


Portugal is being added to England’s quarantine list, meaning any travellers arriving from 4am on Saturday will have to isolate for two weeks.

The restriction will not apply to travellers returning from Madeira and the Azores.

Those arriving from Hungary, French Polynesia and Reunion will also have to self-isolate, while Sweden is now quarantine-free.

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Date: September 25, 2021

21 thoughts on “Portugal among countries added to travel quarantine list – UK COVID-19 update

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  3. So what are the consequences of a country being removed from the ‘travel corridor’? Can we still go, so long as we self-isolate on return? Will the country let us in? Will our flight or holiday be cancelled?

  4. Stupid the mask hoax and birus hoax more died from fluu and h1n1 which was nit shut down either thats nothing bt government over reach and control

  5. Lockdown reduces spread, as does travel bans with quarantine, all measures reduce patient numbers presenting to the NHS , it’s not about who has what and where it’s about protecting the NHS

  6. Still cannot understand why people are so desperate to get on a plane with no social distancing and travel abroad on a so called holiday during a health pandemic.
    Crazy behaviour!and have no sympathy for them moaning having to quarantine when they come back.
    It makes me wonder if they do anyway if they are prepared to not social distance anyway ie.by getting on a plane.

  7. My girlfriend came to the UK on 8th Sept and is going back on the 15th, will she have to quarantine when she arrives home?

  8. Coronavirus is a hoax
    If u think it isnt a hoax u will gladly receive the mark of the beast
    And be a slave to the system forever more

  9. In lockdown we were all kept separate from everybody else, like the complete opposite of herd immunity. It was inevitable that once things opened up and we came into contact with more people that cases would rise and rise again. People need to let things open and let the virus plateau to where it naturally would be so we can see what kind of infection rate and severity we are working with long term rather than only having the data from right at the beginning.

  10. Most stupid list ever why not just make everyone entering the UK to isolate for 14days? What if I leave Portugal via Ireland? I’ll arrive in UK from Ireland they wont know where I’ve been before thats just stupid, they open up a country so brits can go there they they close it so brits can rush back home ridiculous!

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