Powerful God inspired declarations to transform your Life


Hi everyone! I wanted to start a new short series of videos of 10 declarations for 10 days where I’ll be sharing Biblical declarations to proclaim over your life. The power of our words can be used to call out Gods promises over our lives. Also, remember that even if the statement may not be true at the time, if you continue declaring it with Gods word as the power, you can dramatically change and line up with Gods intended ways for your life.
Thanks for reading along with me! May God bless you!


Date: June 5, 2020

5 thoughts on “Powerful God inspired declarations to transform your Life

  1. Thank you Emma, very well done!!! Please keep making more of these videos, you have a GOD given talent for this type of work. I enjoyed this and your very powerful spiritual prayers for much more than any other of the meditations, or prayers, or affirmations, or declarations that I have heard before. The voice reader to put text captions on my screen recognizes cotrectly every word you say, you speak very clearly so it can be understood. Thanks for all your hard work. GOD bless you!

  2. The 5 Elements of Surprise, Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Spirit. The Pentagram Combined to Become A Prison For Your Soul in this Fallen World, God the True ORIGIONAL Creator Represented By Jesus Christ Is The Only Way Out! All Other Roads Lead to Tomb, Moon, Womb, Back in the Room!!! Welcome to the Machine!!! Beautiful Video By The Way :-)))

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