Pregnant YouTube Star Nicole Thea Dead at 24 | E! News


The YouTube community is mourning the loss of the 24-year-old internet star who was expecting a baby boy with boyfriend Global Boga. Get the details.

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Pregnant YouTube Star Nicole Thea Dead at 24 | E! News


Date: October 14, 2020

48 thoughts on “Pregnant YouTube Star Nicole Thea Dead at 24 | E! News

  1. She died from a heart attack its been made public, how dreadfully awful and so so so unfortunate 💔, I send love to Nicole's family and her husband 💝

  2. Why are Black women in Europe and North America likely to die at child birth.Why is nobody bold enough to look into these ?Black lives matter!!

  3. O God may she rest well,Jesus is all we need on this earth and after,He is the only beautiful thing that happen in our lives (accepting Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour).He is sure to be with us here and even after…Jesus never fails,never dies,never lies….I love you Lord!

  4. I can't imagine what his husband is going through. He didn't only lost his loving wife but also his unborn child. This is heartbreaking 😔

  5. Heart breaking! Why Lord 😭 Why? Good to people suffer?
    She was a good person with potential wonderful child! 😔

  6. Boga admit it. Your a narcissist, greedy and jealous man who sacrificed your girlfriend Nicole Thea for a boost of fame and clout. Your playing victim, crying crocodile tears now, after 4 weeks of hiding away from everyone on social media🤔. Your performance was on the same day Nicole Died, July 11th. Milk Baths are a form of demonic ritual, it’s unhealthy for pregnancies, even research it. But somehow in that SAME VIDEO, you weren’t in it🤔. In an interview in April 2019, you lied about your relationship with Nicole. If you can lie about your relationship status imagine what else you can lie about!!! YOU GUYS CAN SEARCH IT UP. type in – (boga interview) at the specific time of 23:34 ‼️ Narcissts know how to act like their innocent and the whole world revolves around them and their struggles. Behind the scenes (which God can see btw) their evil and manipulative and in this situation I believe you were jealous and wanted what she already had. Man said you asked the public £30,000!! She was wealthy and financially stabled getting paid left, right, center and your asking for THAT! Clearly taking advantage of the support of everybody. How much money do you need? How greedy can you get? You can fool the majority but some of us can spiritually feel that something is odd. She was a healthy woman💯You will NOT get away from this.🙅🏾‍♀️🙏

  7. Was it ever revealed how her and the baby died? I saw in her video she complained of not breathing did they die if Covid? Was it explained why it was they couldn’t save the baby he was fully developed why not perform an emergency C section? I know someone who died of preclamsia but they still saved her baby

  8. I can't believe your gone….l just started watching you and Boga …you were so full of life…your death really let me know life is not promised tomorrow. You didnt waste a moment of life❣❣❣ I am so happy you died knowing true love and giving it💞💕!!! REST IN LOVE BEAUTIFUL!!! Boga l pray you heal and love again when the time is right king ❤

  9. Please listen to her boyfriend' (Global Boga's) song 'Only You' dedicated to Nicole on Nicole Thea's channel or on Spotify so that you can support them. Please also remember that she was also a dancer (as is Boga) so her legacy can live on. 🙂

  10. As a big supporter of Nicole before her death the news was so sad to hear and I remember screaming on the day it happened. And it's crazy to see that the sad news of her death has reached the US. The video failed to include that she was a very popular Afrobeats DANCER in the UK and I would argue she was more known for her amazing dancing than Youtube. This is the second dancer this year that the African/Afro-Caribbean dancing community has lost (the first one was Picture Kodak at age 20 something may she RIP) Also, her boyfriend Global Boga who is a Ghanaian dancer released a SONG dedicated to her PLEASE listen to the song 'Only You' on spotify or check NicoleThea youtube channel to watch the song if you're seeing this comment so you can support them! Thank you to anyone who does.

  11. Even though I never knew about her I must show respect ❤️ I type and prayers and these 🌸 🌸🌸🌸 flowers I can’t imagine pain for the man his unborn child died and his love his love I can’t imagine since the only family I most have is nice mom grandma man I like him I could not imagine the pain Rest In Peace

  12. I still refuse to believe this tragedy, how is Nicole the life and soul of everything just taken away just like that, unbelievable. My dear Nicole and Reign, rest well. Borga stand strong, words cannot explain how we feel for you at this times

  13. Pleaseee ladies and gents let us keep our pregnancy updates and infos SECRETS from social network. This is a good lesson to know. You've already expose the pregnancy to your fan base, That's what have to be said only.
    RIP Nicole Thea no woman in the world deserves that…

  14. Look how she smells the milk bath with suspicion. Y'all better wake up! She was poisoned 1:00 check the look on her face.

  15. So crazy that the man lost her and the baby that he couldn't wait for to take to the park and stuff life is so short crazy things can happen I wish all the best for all you gu❤️

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