President Trump hospitalised: What happens to the Presidential election?- BBC News


US President Donald Trump has been flown to hospital less than 24 hours after testing positive for coronavirus. If his condition worsens and the President was to become incapacitated where does that leave the US election?

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Our Policy Editor Lewis Goodall sets out the possible scenarios. Kirsty Wark then interviewed pollster and academic Larry Sabato and the Constitutional Scholar Alan Dershowitz about the implications for the Presidential Election in November.


Date: October 15, 2020

40 thoughts on “President Trump hospitalised: What happens to the Presidential election?- BBC News

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  7. He is the President …life threatening conditions should not be televised because of security and the safety of our country!

  8. JUST ME THAT SEE IT AS IT WAS 2Pac vs biggie? ONLY me THAT see it IN THAT Way or how? CuZZ I THINK ITS REALLY FUNNY CUZZ WE ALL KNOW THAT IT GONNA BE TRUMP OFC!! Just like it or write SOMETHING back plzplz !!

  9. Trump has got better. Pay attention: Trump has beaten kung flu because he is a winner. Biden's still hiding in his basement.

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  13. I really don't know what the fuss is all about. I mean if he's indisposed for a bit, the poor battered usa would get some respite. Its not like theres gonna be a lack of "leadership" while he's away 🙂

  14. It starts off with a lie. Trump didn't call for the election to be postponed, if you look at his words in their entirety, instead of the extract they took to support their lie. Given Trump will be back at work inside a week I wonder if the morons on this thread will feel as stupid as they look. Doubtful. DEFUND THE BBC.



  16. Bush Jr just had his butt checked (colonoscopy), Cheney was only Acting President for like 2 hrs. And the 25th Ademendent wasn't invoked when Reagan was shot, because they were afraid to use it at the time, everyone just kinda understood that Bush Sr was in charge.

  17. A Republican who lies so much and can't stop even lying to the BBC,, Trump had a go at Biden for wearing a mask, not, not wearing a mask.

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