President Trumps says the WTO has the U.S. 'very badly'


President Donald Trump threatened the World Trade Organization in comments Monday – although he said his administration wasn’t planning anything ‘now.’ Trump said the WTO has been treating the U.S. ‘very badly for many, many years.’ Under leaked White House legislation, the U.S. would be able to ignore ‘most favored nation’ status. Trump spoke after White House aides who he ordered to draw up a bill to have the nation get around WTO trading rules came up with an odious response: the FART Act.

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Date: September 12, 2019

25 thoughts on “President Trumps says the WTO has the U.S. 'very badly'

  1. Maybe the Trumptards will finally believe Trump is working for Putin when he gives Alaska back to Russia, stating “it was a very bad deal from the start. I could’ve negotiated a much better deal, believe me.”

  2. Lock him up 😂 all you hear is dumb ass people that hear the media slag him off for minor every day comments and jump on band waggon and don’t realise how he’s the best thing to happen to America since ww2. Take your floppy heads and give them a wobble, go to a country that bends over in fear then opens flood gates to country’s that will drain you dry. Man that gets the job done is what every country needs. Stopped two inevitable wars and you just want to wake up with an atom bomb heading straight for your forehead.

  3. Maybe we should make a deal with them like we did with North Korea. That's working out great. 😂
    This guy is a complete failure. The only success he's had since he's been president is in his mind.

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