Prince Harry joins forces with Kate to commemorate Anzac Day


Prince Harry, whose first child with Meghan is due any day now, arrived at Westminster Abbey with his sister-in-law Kate around noon to honour the sacrifices of Australian and New Zealand forces. Harry’s last-minute addition to the royal line-up indicates the American former actress is showing no signs so far of giving birth soon, with the duke able to leave his wife to attend the hour-long memorial in central London. The duke’s name had not been printed on order of service because of the possibly imminent birth. His brother Prince William is in New Zealand paying tribute at a service in Auckland to those who lost their lives in battle. A royal source told the Daily Mail: ‘The Duke is pleased he can attend today’s Service, as planned. With their baby due, his name was not printed in the programme in case he was unable to do so.’

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Date: August 2, 2019

33 thoughts on “Prince Harry joins forces with Kate to commemorate Anzac Day

  1. Cynpet mc and Royal tanya

    It is so obvious that your replies have been made by the same person.
    If you are going to do this at least make an effort to look original

    Missing his wife !!!!
    They are so in love @!!!


  2. You can tell women just comment on the clothes and seem to forget the reason the royals are there. It's about paying respect to the dead. So shut the hell up you Dumb arse women about some clothes. Stupid bitches.

  3. Only one why he did , because William was not there he used the monent to put down Chaterine, showing everyone she will be future Queen in consort but he has royal blood not she. When Catherine with William Harry has to stand allways behind them . But today he take rewansh stepped in frontmt of Catherine in church, because Catherine was whithout William. William will renember that monent forever to keep Harry away from that moment as fare way as possible.

  4. It's great to see the Queen's grandchildren taking over important royal duties so smoothly and professionally. This must reassure the Queen that the future of the royal family is in safe hands.

  5. How well HRH the Duchess of Cambridge behaved at the entrance pausing so that HRH Prince Harry could enter before her and walk in front of her.
    LEARN the LESSON Ms. Markle. THAT is how it is done!!
    And the Duchess of Cambridge never never interrupted her brother in law, nor has she EVER interrupted her husband.

  6. The Duchess of Cambridge being brought up in England really helps because she understands how the line of succession works when William is not with her. She holds her head up high with dignity and Grace and knows what to do. She does not care about being first in line when other Royals are with her

  7. I hope it's just my imagination but both Kate and Harry look stressed and unhappy behind their professional facades – albeit for different reasons. I hope there's no truth to the rumors of Will cheating on Kate, or Harry's marriage to Meghan being under strain. I adore both royal couples, but looking at Kate and Harry pkay off each other so delightfully makes me wonder sometimes if they're married to the wrong people.

  8. Wow Kate’s looking so gorgeous..and so is Harry happy old prince…Kate’s being future queen still she’s letting PH ahead of her to shaking pops….before herself…if Me-again she’s before Harry to shaking hands than PH …that’s called down to earth Kate’s to be beloved..❤️😘🌹💙💙💙💙💙💙gorgeous Kate 💙💙💙💙

  9. Man, I love Harry! He looks so handsome, I love a man in a suit 😍😍. Thinking back about all the stories about Diana being worried about Harry, she would be so proud of him….

  10. HRH.The Duchess of Cambridge.
    Catherine Elizabeth Middleton/
    Kate Middleton,
    looking so beautiful pretty
    valuable sweet gorgeous elegant graceful cute like always..
    Really nice to see them both together..Both are so happy..
    Absolutely just love it👌👍👏❤

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