Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Celebrate Princess Beatrice's Wedding | E! News


While there is an ocean between them, the couple made sure to reach out to Harry’s cousin who tied the knot in a private royal ceremony. Watch now!

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Celebrate Princess Beatrice’s Wedding | E! News


Date: October 14, 2020

35 thoughts on “Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Celebrate Princess Beatrice's Wedding | E! News

  1. What is the story about Harry. This is a story about Beatrice. Obviously the story about Harry and Meghan privately congratulating Beatrice and Mopeli is made up

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  3. What crap…WicKed meggy hated all the royals…That’s because she is not one..Being a duchess does not make her superior.She’s just another one of us but with Harry’s money.

  4. So sad that whoever posted this have to put Prince Harry and Megan's name but there is no story about them or what they said. It is a bait propaganda so people will look at it. It should be illegal and need to be addressed !! Hello Utube bosses, are you paying attention to this bait titles. All you see is Beatrize, which is ok but do not bait people that like to see Megan and Harry in supposedly their story because that's what the title said.

  5. See harry and megan no problems princess Beatrice marrying a man Italian with a child . What's wrong with you two. You all make beautiful couple and could change the world. Congratulations Beatrice your a beautiful woman so happy for you both

  6. Why are you talking about how they celebrated they weren't even invited!!! Nobody cares about these two their irrelevant!!!!! This Beatrice's Day so why are we talking about them?

  7. Very nice sweet pictures of Princess Beatrice and her husband Edo Mapelli Mozzi. I like this small private wedding much better than the larger royal weddings. I have always respected Princess Beatrice. I hope that they have a wonderful life together!

  8. Attention world this is not about Beatrice and her wedding its about (once again) Megan. I quess this is the only way to gain attention!

  9. I love this channel as you have inspired me to create my own channel looking in between the lines of your news using tarot. Thank you

  10. Why spoil there lovely wedding day by mentioning "little harry and little megs" there nothing , and nobody. Princess Beatrice is beautiful, and way above those little two in class and status. Good luck Beatrice to you and your lovely Husband, long life and happiness, true Royals.xx

  11. Everyone seems to be getting along much better! Princess Beatrice looks fantastic! It was a great idea for H and M to step out of the RF and live their own lives!

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