Prince Harry Won't Apply for U.S. Citizenship Anytime Soon | E! News


The Duke of Sussex will not be seeking a Green Card or dual citizenship, despite speculation he would apply following his move to Los Angeles with wife Meghan Markle. Watch!

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Prince Harry Won’t Apply for U.S. Citizenship Anytime Soon | E! News


Date: October 16, 2020

36 thoughts on “Prince Harry Won't Apply for U.S. Citizenship Anytime Soon | E! News

  1. He would also need to renounce his royal status and title according to the US Constitution. Besides, he would have to study American history and realize how barbaric the Brits were to colonists in our early days just like they have been around the world in the shrinking "empire" and realize that "Mad King George III" may have passed along his insanity.

  2. He doesn't even want to be in America, never mind become an American citizen. Meghan is leading him by the nose and he's to dumb to realize it. This marriage will never last. She's too controlling and he's just a baby with no clue.

  3. Royals on the run. Pandemic has put all that on hold.. i guess he has diplomatic immunity for the time being. Or keeping options open in case he must flee back to Britian when Megs is done using him.

  4. Lots of other Royals live in the USA, make money in USA & keep their native nationality, why should it be different for Harry?

  5. Why would he? As an illegal immigrant in California gets him free health care, a drivers license, and protection from deportation by ICE.

  6. OMG!!!! Leave the man alone Enews!! Stop feeding your news from the Nasty, Racist, British Tabloids!!!
    You really have no other news to talk about?? For real??? I am so glad to hear that the British Tabloids are struggling right now, due to the crisis. I hope to see them vanish for good!! No more Daily Fail, Sun..

  7. If u wanna stay here gotta pay taxes dude u said urself u didn’t wanna be treated as a royal well here u are time to start paying like everyone else u British privilege

  8. Why would he???
    That would just open his finances to U.S. Taxation,,,, given Meghan's habit of Tax evasion before marriage, I don't see either of them doing anything other than setting up a "Charity" so they can take payments for various engagements in the for of a "donation" to their Foundation so they get to keep the full amount Tax Free, which they've done with their second attempt at a Tax umbrella "Archewellfoundation"
    Because that's what the world needs right now, another foundation designed to make wealthy individuals even more wealthy.
    I guess that's their plan for becoming "independent"
    Why don't they start by paying back what they owe UK & follow that up by giving to already established Charities that give 100% of donations to actual causes, instead of the paltry 5% per year these 2 will be giving of what they rake in.
    Foundations are just that a Foundation, not a True Charity.

  9. Even with a green card he still need to drclare all his business world wide and bank accounts, but he want to use USA and make money but does not want to pay taxes in America. Go home Harry!

  10. P. HARRY was born a Brit & will die a Brit. People's speculations are so naive, without knowledge. H & M will live & die in USA. M an American, H Brit.

  11. Only the idiots thought he would. There are plenty Brits who work in the US without becoming a citizen and likewise Americans in Britain. Main thing is he’s married to an American. All he needs is a green card. Geez people!!

  12. Wow she got everything she wanted. Married a Prince, Became a Duchess, got pregnant, had the princes baby who needs the title now. Broke up a family and Moved back to her home town where she can do the work she wants to do which is behind the screen and not have to do the the hard work and duties like Kate is doing. She truly is is the Yoko Of this time. Harry you got this all wrong and I truly feel so sorry for him! No family, in another country and striped from all his titles money and the people and country who have adored him for so long! All the media outlets that dogged her and were made out to be terrible human beings are all sitting back saying I TOLD YOU SO! I hate she was bullied but what she has done is absolutely terrible. The Queen is older and even though she seems to be doing well we all know she doesn’t have that much time left. Poor Harry is not able to spend that time with her and Archie will never be able to have memories or time with her as well to be able to look back on and know where he truly came from. Meghan you truly are a snake 🐍 in the grass! Go back to Canada we don’t want you here anymore and I have a feeling Canada doesn’t either.

  13. First of all he never said in his statement he wanted to live in North America forever. He said "they would divide their time between the UK and North America." So why would he apply for US Citizenship! …..smh

  14. HE IS THERE AS A ROYAL PRINCE OF GREAT BRITAIN!!! Are people so thick and hungry for stories? They are not allowed to use their royal titles because they no longer wish to be SENIOR members of the Royal Family… But they, moreover he, is by BLOOD a Prince of the UK. He will have a diplomatic pass forever…

  15. He's an idiot and treated his Grandmother and extended family so disrespectfully.
    TRUMP IS STILL POTUS. Because of that….

  16. Their comm. reps. NEVER said he was… PERIOD.. That just you, BM, tabloids, RRs & paps. who all up in their personal business.. Nobody knows their future plans. When they're ready, they will release a public statement.. Then Americans will see all media outlets go into fake a** hissy fits and 9x out of 10 blame Duchess Meghan…

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