Prince William & Kate Middleton's Kids Honor Healthcare Workers | E! News


Prince George, Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis send an adorable round of applause to the heroes fighting on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic. Take a look!

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Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Kids Honor Healthcare Workers | E! News


Date: October 15, 2020

11 thoughts on “Prince William & Kate Middleton's Kids Honor Healthcare Workers | E! News

  1. It's cute how louis is looking up to his brother and sister while clapping their hands 💞💞 me as a third child can relate 😂

  2. Best family ever!!!! Thanks Prince William and Princess Catherine for all your hard work. The world really appreciates all you are doing. So selfless and your children are amazing. They are happy , healthy and so adorable. God Bless You. We care about you Prince William and Princess Catherine keep up the Great work!!

  3. Good for them supporting their country, family, and the world (gracefully) in a time of need and grief. Meanwhile Meg and Mr. Meg send emoji claps and pointless Ig posts.

  4. Wow, after the future king William made a fool of himself in Ireland when he joked about the Coronavirus being overly hyped while smiling like a happy 🥜🐿 who found a nut showed the world just how insensitive he is and unaffected about those who were ill and or had died from the epidemic. How low down to use the kids as “ Pooper Scoopers”-
    I would say William and trump are two misleading humans if ever to lead now or in the future. Both are narcissistic personalities and some similarities between the wives are obviously present: the women just smile- shake hands and they need an interpreter when they speak. They’re the perfect “Stepford Wives”
    Of the two men, One should be locked away in a mental facility and he’s not educated to handle the daily issues within a country. The other one was born into his position and yet his interior is like ice not knowing what to say and when. William isn’t reliable at all-COLD

  5. Bravo to William and Kate for setting a good example to their kids and being such good parents..Praying for their health..the Queen, Prince Charles and Harry…Sorry but I could careless for Meaghan…

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