Protests in central London for Johnson's plans for 'No Deal' Brexit


The ‘No to Boris, yes to Europe’ (right) protest saw people dressed in elaborate costumes to mock Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage (inset) and Theresa May ahead of the former Foreign Secretary’s likely election as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister (left) on Tuesday. It got underway at Mayfair’s Park Lane and protesters marched to Parliament Square in Westminster. They carried anti-Boris placards, painted EU flags on their faces and even flew a giant inflatable balloon modelled on the leadership candidate and inspired by the Trump baby blimp. It was spotted flying in Parliament Square and the blimp had pink skin and dishevelled yellow hair, with a ‘Brexit bus’ t-shirt emblazoned with Johnson’s claim about extra funds for the NHS upon departure from the EU. A nine-foot model of Nigel Farage, carrying Mr Johnson and fellow leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt on puppet strings, joined the blimp on the march.

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Date: July 25, 2019

9 thoughts on “Protests in central London for Johnson's plans for 'No Deal' Brexit

  1. Protesting a man who rejuvenated the city they live in, for doing a bad job before he's started it. Yep, it's the middle class left alright.

    If you children want to protest about something, why not try the knife crime epidemic, or the rampant racism and/or the sexual harrasment cover ups in the Labour party. These are things that are actually happening in reality.

  2. THIS WAS A TINY PART OF A MASSIVE ANTI BORIS JOHNSON PROTEST – NOT AN ANTI LEAVE PROTEST The right-wing media doing everything possible to airbrush reality, as usual.

  3. These people are the bloody joke! people done even three years is enough most remain voters like myself family friends, just want it done so we are all ex Labour voters if Boris get us out on Halloween we'll be voting for him if not then it's the Brexit party a Labour are done!!

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