Protests turn violent at France's pension strike – BBC News


France’s nationwide strike has disrupted schools and transport.

Many union workers, including teachers, transport workers, hospital staff and some police are unhappy about the planned reforms that would see them retiring later or facing reduced payouts.

President Emmanuel Macron wants to introduce a universal points-based pension system which made some union leaders vow to strike until he abandons his campaign.

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Date: January 17, 2020

23 thoughts on “Protests turn violent at France's pension strike – BBC News

  1. Tom
    All those protesters and trade unions are pests among citizens and lazy band. The police shall be strict and strong against these hooligans. If they want wellfare state and pensions they shall work for. This protesting band of hooligans shall pay for all the damages, including costs of police presence and actons.

  2. President Macro has realized that with the exploitation of Africa by France decreasing, the money for pension is getting less and less! Please understand your dear president! Africa is waking up, no exploitation by France!

  3. I'm French and Migrated to Canada 2012 as my Country was obviously going to shit. Back then. It has been getting shittier and shittier over the years and Macron just reached the limit. I'm so happy to see how my people never make it easy when Politics try to screw us. We don't always win, but I really hope they will. (Saying "they" cause I'm no longer there to fight with them. LOVE CANADA tho lol

  4. This is totally played down by UK media. What’s the matter are you scared you’ll trigger a protest in the UK? I mean France are protesting because of the increased pension age of 67…. UK is gonna be increased 2020 to 66.

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