PSG: Football club or fashion brand? | BBC Sport


BBC Sport visits Paris to find out why PSG have become the football club of choice for celebrities and fashionistas.

We look into if and how success off the pitch can be matched by results in Europe.


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PSG: Football club or fashion brand? | BBC Sport

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Date: October 14, 2020

31 thoughts on “PSG: Football club or fashion brand? | BBC Sport

  1. Ronaldinho played for them before they were ‘fashionable’.. i guess psg does have some real fans🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. PSG is massive showoff.They haven't won any titles outside of France.They have money so were they come popular.

  3. PSG is a massive brand but no a huge club.
    When they were brought out they in the wilderness.
    They got rich won leagues and cups but have choked year after year in Champions League.
    They are rich have big players but that don't mean success.
    They are a rich club not a big one

  4. It's interesting how BBC Sport depicted the idea of rebranding Juventus logo as something positive and forward in the football world but when it's about PSG it's inorganic and fake… France is producing a lot of outstanding players it's normal that PSG is trying to put his mark in European football like all big cities !!! But it seems like the brits jealousy for Paris is at it again… Chill let PSG live… We'll make errors we are a young club not even 50 years old compared to Liverpool or others whose all more than 100 years old. Let us live, for goodness sake, y'all like those old gatekeepers that stop the progression of the youngers…

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