Pubs closed and household mixing banned under new Tier 3 system – BBC News


The Prime Minister has imposed a new coronavirus alert system on England to try to stop the virus spiralling out of control. The 3 Tier system is replacing local lockdowns.

Liverpool City Region is the first to be placed under the highest Tier 3 measures, which means the area is “at very high risk”. It means no mixing of households. Pubs and bars will be closed unless they serve what’s being called a “substantial meal”.

Most of the rest of England will be under Tier 1 restrictions – with medium levels of risk. In these areas current national rules continue, with the Rule of Six and a 10pm curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants.

Parts of the North West, Yorkshire, the North East and the Midlands have been placed in Tier 2 — meaning they are at high risk. That means no household mixing indoors, while the rule of 6 still applies outdoors. Nottinghamshire, parts of Cheshire and a small area of the Peak District are also in this category.

However England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty warned that even the toughest Tier 3 restrictions would not be enough on their own to contain the spread of coronavirus.

In Wales the health minister said a decision will be made in the coming days on new lockdown measures. Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon says she will draw up her own tiered framework towards the end of the month.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting from political editor Laura Kuenssberg and Ed Thomas in Liverpool.

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Date: October 14, 2020

41 thoughts on “Pubs closed and household mixing banned under new Tier 3 system – BBC News

  1. Give a fascist dictatorship powers to destroy your lives and destroy your lives they will.
    Idiot MPs revoting for the corona 2020 act. The public should be the ones doing the voting !

  2. Is no point to have lockdown,because first lockdown failed,mask failed,virus is coming after 10 pm when most of ppl are at home.All we see is fake charts,no picture name or body of ppl who died,actually no evidence that covid really exist.

  3. This COVID is a hoax they are killing us at homes there has been 25000 or more kills so far at home not because of COVID because of they didn’t get the treatment they needed. The hospitals has cancelled all the treatments and surgeries. These politicians are killing us wakeup people

  4. Covid is as much a maths problem as a medical problem. Without action, the exponential growth in cases would mean than millions would get infected before 2021.

  5. It makes me laugh , how all people can think of is going to the pub for a drink or going on holiday whilst this virus is on , You should be shamed of yourself , and if u get the virus for u not listening , why shud hospital waste there time and money on people who dont listen , cos if i worked in the hospital , id send u on your merry way and be like thats what u get for not listening , Tough shit

  6. wherther you wear a mask or not people need to stop policing other people over what they do. Country was divided over brexit now its divided over masks funny that always divided over something.

  7. In the Netherlands they're having more restrictions now and they're not worse..or even the same, as the UK.

    They are closing all hospitality places, except for hotels and except for take aways only.

    Shops that don't sell groceries close at 20:00.

    Every place that sells alcohol and softdrugs is not allowed to sell it after 20:00.
    Also drinking alcohol and softdrugs and carrying it after 20:00 is not allowed.

    They're working on making facemasks mandatory (would be the same as we have now in the UK).

    Work at home unless that's really not possible.

    I'm curious to see if it'll have an effect on their economy..I mean, with the first wave, their Primark for example never closed and the dentists are already open since a few weeks or so.

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  9. Has anybody checked on 10 Downing Street for marijuana factory, since the covid-19 pandemic. We need early Dawn raid on 10 Downing Street, and money laundering, not forgetting drug dealing's on covid-19 Vaccines…

  10. no thanks ive had enough of youre "rules" and you telling me what to do its obvious these restrictions aint doing anything so please feel free to shut up

  11. Need to get the country open again as the virus will go where it wants to go ,let people make the decision but with one proviso facemasks must be worn when outside the home on the spot fines to those that do not comply .

  12. So in tougher areas you cannot mix 6 in garden but can in public places. Right. So just take your garden party outside your gate and hold the 6 in the front or back street. Simple really.

  13. With only 500 COVID-19 cases on ventilators in hospitals it is time to use the NHS Nightingale Hospitals is located in England, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Harrogate, Washington & Exeter
    The NHS Nightingale Hospital London opened first on 3 April 2020. As of 5 May 2020, six of the seven planned hospitals had opened, and by the following month all had been placed on standby. The Harrogate and Exeter hospitals were repurposed as diagnostic clinics in June and July respectively. And free up hospitals for the people left to die at home of all the old illness the NHS are not treating any more ?

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