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What some call ugly others might call irresistably cute! The Pug has turned in to one of the most popular dogs in the United States, find out more about this lovable breed.



  1. Every time I see a pug/bulldog or any other dog with unnaturally shortened snouts, I almost cry, they live a life of cruelty and pain, and there is nothing in normal society worth that

  2. I’ve had pugs for 15 years + & work for the rescue.
    Never had one eyes pop out
    Never had one I’ve taken care of have other serious issues

    It’s about how you take care of them, as well as yourself. If you’re a slob then your dog is most likely going to be a slob & have issues.

    Take care of you & your possessions & they will take care of themselves. Simple life hacks

  3. I have a mini aussie pug mix named Frank. He looks like the fawn/apricot fawn pug but he is slightly taller and longer. He also has that aussie energy and his nose is about half smooshed in. He does have a slight curl to his tail

  4. Getting a pug cross in 4 weeks her name is Daisy and she is 1/8 King Charles caviar. We are not getting her online or from a pet store, I am getting her from my sister who breeds pug cross puppies


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