Put down your phone!


iPhones, Androids and smartphones are everywhere but it’s the holiday season, a time to spend with family and friends and take a break from ever-present screens. Unless, of course, you’re one of the millions of phone addicts out there. In his latest song for the Guardian, Joe Stilgoe urges you to put down your phone and reconnect with the outside world.
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No, it’s not news but it is Friday and we thought we’d try a lighten up the mood a bit before the weekend begins.
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Date: January 14, 2020

34 thoughts on “Put down your phone!

  1. I really like the way this video advocates abandoning a vital piece of modern technology based on a narrow-minded interpretation of its use. Yeah! Throw those worthless 'ol phones in the ocean! Don't get vaccinated! Roll your car into a lake! Take out grandpa's pacemaker! Don't read a book printed using computers! Let's all become self-absorbed asinine assholes judging the way people spend their transit time as if we're so fucking superior we don't want a device to streamline safety and convenience while allowing us to select what communications we prefer.

  2. this is my iphone, there are many like it but this one is mine.without it I am nothing…..

    I go out of my way to make sure I don't pull out my phone and stare at it in fear of looking like a tool like everyone else.

  3. I like that they were ugly. I agree that phones should be put away but it was overdone. Why are there so many broken phones? I dislike that the video was so annoying that it gave me a headache. He can't even sing. 

  4. Some people find things like that funny… But what's shocking is that when I asked my classmates wether they'd like to have the home they do now but no wi-fi or have no home but the best wi-fi anyone can have.. If the choice was real at least 90% of my class would be homeless…

  5. This is brilliant. I 14 and will be switching to a smartphone soon, but surprisingly I'm not the sort that spends his time trawling Facebook AND Twitter AND playing every game under the sun for 6hrs a day. But I know people who do. I usually find it amusing how much time people spend on their phones but now and again it gets annoying. This really hits the nail on the head.

    Thanks guys!

  6. This felt very awkward, I think just taking big names on youtube and having them make a video written by someone else – will always be a failure. You need to give them full creative control and then they might be proud to share it, and you might get some genuine views…

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