Quick and Easy English Paper Piecing…really quick!


20 thoughts on “Quick and Easy English Paper Piecing…really quick!

  1. Sadly I can’t get this in the UK what with the shipping then import duty it’s way more expensive than the actual product😢

  2. I started to look gor a video that showed when to remove the template. No one (but you) showed the backside in detail and or when to take out the template. THANK YOU for always being thorough!!!

  3. Laura..my mom is Donna Miles my dad is Jerry…you were at our house when i was a girl. Your husband was short i think his name is Rob..i was at your house too.

  4. Apparently, they don’t make this product anymore, but it can be found online for a price! It is easier to send your card stock through the printer and then iron on the applistick and cut out your hexies. I used eq 7 to print out the size I wanted, so no tracing.

  5. very clever Laura! wishing Id seen this 8 years ago..never mind, always great for future reference.. Marietta in Brisbane

  6. Hi, Laura! I'm adding subtitles to your video. At about 3:08, are you saying, "And don't go very, very tight here or you won't be able to get your needle in there"?

  7. oh my goodness! you are so talented …. I love how you explain how to use english paper and the other video on how to sew grandma flower….I haven't been sewing any quilts in a while . life of working takes the energy out of doing sewing….. on weekends when I'm off I will spend an hr or 2….. thanks again laura…your wonderful.

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