Quinton and Napoleon are NFL's first male cheerleaders – Daily Mail


Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies will be the first males to participate in on-field dance performances in the NFL after they made the cheer squad for the LA Rams.

Original video: https://dailym.ai/2GEHnPv

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Date: October 2, 2019

40 thoughts on “Quinton and Napoleon are NFL's first male cheerleaders – Daily Mail

  1. 104 dislikes?? Seriously? 😣 why are y'all so narrow-minded? If men can take part in ice skating and ballet, why can't they take part in cheerleading? It's not just for women, it's for men too and I'm happy to see both genders stand side by side and cheerlead together 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️🏈

  2. I really disagree with this. If all of the cheerleaders were men dance and how the women dance I think then you will notice that something is wrong. This should never happen. No man should move dance or act like that in other words no man should take on the role of a woman. That’s called pretending

  3. I have friends of all philosophies and races and honestly there is so much revelation in the the comments here about how we as people think. These men deserve their time in the sun and I'm sure that their moments of dance do not endanger my own feelings about who I am. In fact, they reinforce them. I'm happy for them and if this one thing in life allows them to shine, then I'm for it. We all live and die, in between, tolerance, understanding and compassion for our fellow man should be part of our human experience. I congratulate them for their atheleticism, that is the inspiration I take away from this. Thumbs up! 50

  4. What would happen in a MUSLIM country if, say, a soccer team had gay male cheerleaders? How many hours would their heads remain attached to their bodies? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Unfortunately most comments here are AGAINST these 2 brave men (the Jackie Robinsons of part of football). I applaud their pioneering spirit! Unfortunately the Bible is to blame for the hatred of gays as the OT says to kill gays, and the NT says that gays can't get into heaven (no matter how ethical they might be), so the Bible is teaching pure hatred of gays. So sad.

  6. My daughter is a great cheerleader and gymnast. She has been competing since she was in grade school. She is now a junior in high school. I have never seen a male cheerleader dance around like a female. The males are there to be bases for the dangerous stunts. This is just more of the lib leftist extreme attempting to corrupt and indoctrinate the public. The superbowl viewership will go down because of it (just like it did with all of the crap put out by ESPN and NBC Olympics). I know a lot of people who will deliberately be tuning out.

  7. I was at the RamsSeahawks game on Sunday, these guys were the best dancers on the field. When you see them dance in the same frame as the girls here they're killing them the girls can't keep up.

  8. Should he shave his armpits, just asking. When their testosterone slows what will you get then? They need to get know the "Big Hurt," Frank Thomas – they're going to need those supplements before those "paps" start looking like cow udders.

  9. Super impressed, you guys made the girls look silly because you were on top of every move, about time for the NFL to do this and kudos to the Rams for being the first to accept you.

  10. He's a fantastic dancer, but dancing in front of a stadium filled with drunk White guys looking for a testosterone boost isn't the proper venue. He'd be more suited in a broadway musical, or maybe a Vegas show.

  11. Congratulations to the two beautiful male and women who work hard to get these spot on this years team. As you have made it over the first wave in this new journey keep head up with that beautiful smile an some bad waves and bad word and negative things will be said but YOU made !!!!!! Live your best life as you please to and do your job and let the hater hate because they need a job too since they came to 🔍 focus on the cheerleaders now instead of they game. 😏💭 hummm have ppl ever thought a men can't be a cheerleader well think again lots of men do it all the time cheering for there favorite team a love doing that. Same things these two young men are doing because just like every other male they love what they are doing for work. Maybe should pay more attention to the game then who on the side line.#Thistoshallpass

    Sorry for taken away the two gentlemen shine but congratulations once again #❤wins💯🙌

  12. I don't care what anyone says!! I am so proud of this moment, this movement. These guys are professional and they ACTUALLY represent what a CHEERLEADER is supposed to be. As a person apart of the #LGBT community, I wholeheartedly applaud this inclusion. Now, when I watch football with family and friends, I can have something to be happy about– rather than waiting for "superbowl commercials" Thank you #NFL. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

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