Raving to the BBC News theme tune – BBC News


Have you seen the kitchen ‘remix’ of the BBC News theme tune yet?

We got together its creator, Rachel Leary, whose video has been viewed millions of times across social media and the original composer, Dave Lowe – at a safe social distance, of course.

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Date: August 24, 2020

27 thoughts on “Raving to the BBC News theme tune – BBC News

  1. What you've created, Mr Lowe, is a masterpeice. The pips & the drums convey the sense of importance & urgency here. This is not some idiotic soap – it is the NEWS. The little phrase at the end gives it a sense of pathos. ITV did the same with the wonderful News At One/First Report in 1973 when Robert Key used to host the 1pm slot. A lot of people have put this on their phones I believe. Sometimes less is more…10/10

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