Relevant Travel News- COVID-19 IMPACT on American Travelers and Hotel Industry


Relevant Travel News- COVID-19 IMPACT on American Travelers and Hotel Industry
COVID-19 has affected American travelers and hotel industry. Many Americans are planning vacations post-pandamic. Based on the information reported, this is a great sign for the travel industry as many Americans are looking for an escape from their homes. The postiive sign shows many American travelers are looking to support the travel industry. This potential boost could help save the travel industry from collapsing. Even though this is great news, the hotel industry is feeling the affects of this virus. Many hotel businesses are experencing great financial loss as many customers stay at home while not taking a chance of staying at a hotel. Along with the government travel restriction, many potential hotel clients aren’t taking the risk in staying in a hotel. Remember- THE VOYAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.

-Many Americans Are Already Planning Their Next Vacation:

-New report shows severity of COVID-19 impacts on hotel industry:
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Date: May 6, 2020

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