REMOVE Host Barrier Tether Distance Tutorial | ARK: Survival Evolved Singleplayer CoOp [PC/STEAM]


ARK: Survival Evolved Tutorial
Ever wondered how to increase Player-Max-Range Host Barrier in Singleplayer CoOp and remove rubberbanding? Here’s how to!

Please keep in mind, this was tested on PC/STEAM.
If you are on Console, chances are you don’t have this setting sadly. Supposedly they removed the Option on Consoles for performance reasons. Perhaps it will be back at some point but this is what you would need to do if availiable.
Also the PC/Microsoft-Store-Version of ARK is based on the XBOX-version and also does not have this setting.
So unless the DEV’s add it back to the other Versions, the PC/STEAM-Version is currently the only one to support this.

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Date: August 2, 2020

41 thoughts on “REMOVE Host Barrier Tether Distance Tutorial | ARK: Survival Evolved Singleplayer CoOp [PC/STEAM]

  1. I can understand why the host barrariar exist but they cause this by making their game to big for console players yes it may make the game bigger but it is at the cost at console players having a terrible lagging game, making pvp even more unplayable as a low level on top of greifing manas

  2. I completely do not understand this test. First of all, there's so much fluff in the video that you have to go through. Why not just do get to the exact main points to make the video as concise as possible? So the confusion about the test is why not send users on complete opposite corners of the map? You need both users are one corner, and show them both there. Then the other user teleports to the other corner.

  3. One tether distance requires loads of ram and fast ram.
    Two no matter how powerful your pc is the game play won't be any smoother.
    Three its the main map, play something like aberration then you'll feel a fps hit.
    Four changing settings does not help.
    Five I have a i9 10900k with a gtx 1080ti and i still suffer hard

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