Retracing route of London terror attacker – BBC News


Three people died and at least 40 were injured when an attacker drove a car along a pavement in Westminster, London – he then stabbed a policeman and was shot dead in the grounds of the Houses of Parliament. The so-called Islamic State group has said it was behind the attack, in which PC Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade and US tourist Kurt Cochran were killed. Here the BBC’s Matthew Price retraces the route by walking across Westminster Bridge. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

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Date: November 11, 2019

46 thoughts on “Retracing route of London terror attacker – BBC News

  1. The enquiry has said he nips on the road to avoid that yellow sign that the commentator here fails to mention. After avoiding the sign he nips back on the road again. That puts right the many thousand of people who have looked into this and think it’s a staged managed event to create what Orwell writes in 1984 to be the desired never ending war – justifying the security services and armed forces etc etc. The biggest conspiracy though is those cycle lanes. They are a menace to cyclists. I should know. I cycle that way twice a week – and never once did I witness the stabbing of a policeman. What a coincidence then that the acting chief of police saw it. He’s the fall guy of course.

  2. As usual the authorities were too slow to react to such events, security was too low at Houses Of Parliament, yesterday another arrack in similar location by a car 14/8/18, we are soft targets, all all main roads in Britain should have had bollards, not just some bridges in London, so wake up Mrs May and get get your act together.

  3. prince Williams mind controlled people to do this explosion Isis means I sis sis meaning disease princes family planning for a German out brake disease . n mass killing a woman, this family is the first ever in world to fight for gay rights. n even mind controlled the attack on Manchester to write this as Man Chester . this is what getting a job w. MI5 leads to. mind controlled terrorist attacks n a sex club that involves child molestion n child rape the man in the london family are involved w. child molesting children all over the world for more info please YouTube – child predators in Hollywood.

  4. its a psyop no one died, its just street theatre to divert funds to the zionists for war . The real terror comes next when they kill innocent lives in the middle east -exactly where Israel shouldn't be.

  5. Where is the cctt footage? Anybody? WOULD SOMEONE BE SO KIND AS TO RETRIEVE THAT FOR ME. While your doing that would you mind looking for the 2001 9 11 tapes of the Pentagon Crash? That would be a huge blow to the crazy "conspiracy theory people".

  6. The yellow sign @ 0:41 was STILL STANDING just minutes after the supposed attack.
    The car would have knocked it down and smashed it to smithereens.
    BBC liars, peddling false information as per usual.

  7. He drove on to the pavement and to the top of the steps (near the start of the video) to knock someone down then reversed back onto the road to continue across the bridge did he? Cameras must have missed that bit out

  8. Made the decision years ago not to have children. Lost my lefty girlfriend recently because of it. This is not the world I can force a soul to go through 'life' in. Over and out.

  9. Another weak minded scumbag converted and coerced into creating terror in a peaceful place by the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) which is the creation of the CIA and the zionist Israeli government in order to continue the so called fake power and greed orientated "war on terror" on other people's land (like in the middle east).

    Stop falling for the lies and bullshit propaganda from the mainstream media.

  10. As bad as this was! Thank goodness for the fact that this fellow didn't get to use a bigger van, truck or arctic in his rampage. I suspect that he tried to, but his driving licence type was not suitable for that!

  11. do you know how many unnecessary deaths there are in road accidents? or millions of kids dieing from needless starvation? Where's the minute of silence for them? How about you folks stop being distracted by this media charade, and solve the source of all this madness – Rich people, hoarding wealth, and prospering through wars. Tackle that, and you solve all these issues.

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