Revealing My Investment Portfolio – $292,000 at Age 20


In this video we take a look at my investments!

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Date: October 15, 2020

22 thoughts on “Revealing My Investment Portfolio – $292,000 at Age 20

  1. Hey Nicholas, would love to know your thoughts on the fact that the underlying funds IWLD hold aren’t domiciled in Australia. Won’t you be missing out on the franking credits for the Aussie companies that are held and also paying extra foreign withholding tax on the distributions? These are my main concerns with IWLD as opposed to say VGS. I’d prefer IWLD if these factors don’t turn out to be an issue. Cheers.

  2. Mate can you just get straight to the point. It took you 6 of out 10 minutes to get to what the title says and even then every 30 seconds you go off on a tangent..

  3. Good video. Anyone know how to do an equivalent total world fund in New Zealand, using the Smartshares options available ? I am keen too on keeping my money in NZD

  4. Nice man, I got 184k net worth at 32. Then again I didn't really start finance until like 2 years ago. Before that I blew all my money on coke and hookers

  5. How exactly do you "hedge" things? I know it's basically borrowing money etc but could you give some very basic examples 🙂

  6. I found this video a bit hard to follow there was a lot of repeated descriptive info on literature investing and linking to other videos but I completely missed if you even said what ETF’s you built your portfolio with or how you even got to the amount of money over the years.

  7. Great Videos as always Nicholas! Glad to see everything is going well for you on the investment front. Congrats also with the new move to a job that you find meaningful and worthwhile as you outlined in previous vids. Already enjoying the fruits of financial freedom/choice with many good years of compounding and hopefully life in general to look forward to! Awesome portfolio breakdown, appreciate your insights into why you have constructed it in the way you have!

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