Riverdale – SDCC Panel 2018 – Majestic Entertainment News Coverage


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in anyway with San Diego Comic Con. We are a news channel covering the event.

The “Riverdale” cast and creators take fan questions at San Diego Comic Con on July 22, 2018. This video was filmed upclose in 4k resolution. If you enjoy this video, please like and subscribe 🙂


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Date: June 5, 2020

40 thoughts on “Riverdale – SDCC Panel 2018 – Majestic Entertainment News Coverage

  1. Anyone noticed that after lili did her neckturning thing kJ whispers something to Camilla(btw his hand on her shoulder) and she says “that’s a fetish” and the Cole and Casey starts to laugh

  2. I haven't scrolled thru all the comments, so I am not sure if someone has already mentioned it or not….but there is obvious tension between madelaine and Cole.

  3. FP and Alice can be together without problems
    this will not affect bughead because they have no blood connection
    Hermione and Fred kissed and that did not stop Varchie from being together.

  4. Don't really agree re: Cheryl. She reverts to being mean at the end of the episode before the musical, where she bullies Kevin into getting the lead in the musical, and the stalking of Josie was never properly addressed (one song and that's it? nah)

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