Road-tripping family believes they spotted Gabby Petito’s van in video


On August 27, the Bethune family was trying to find a spot to camp for the night when they found themselves in the Spread Creek camping area near Grand Teton National Park, where remains were found Sunday matching Gabby Petito’s description.

Jenn Bethune said the van they passed by appears to be the converted camper van that Petito and her fiancé – and person of interest – Brian Laundrie, were using to travel. But it wasn’t until this past Saturday when she connected the dots.


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Date: October 1, 2021

44 thoughts on “Road-tripping family believes they spotted Gabby Petito’s van in video

  1. Van is completely still as the RV rolls by.. and closing door means BL is likely needed to conceal something. So it is possible that Gabby was already dead, otherwise, if there were in altercation, she likely heard it too and would have tried to signal the passerby for help. Completely remaining still to make it appear that the van was empty or alseep inside but late afternoon? Also notice the position of the vehicle. It is barely staying out of the way of passing traffic on the wrong side of the road! So it's likely to access the other side of the road/field which he may have thought is safer to dump the body as he likely saw/observed the campers on the right side of the road as you come down the road. Subconciously, he's likely looking to get the van on the road quickly as well. These are all subtle clues to his intentions.

  2. It's too bad , she didn't check inside the Fan . To see if any one was inside the Van.

    My Prayers go out to Gabbys Parents.

    Dog The Bounty Hunter please find Brian so Gabbys Parents get some Closer.

  3. My heart breaks for her and her family/Friends … Maybe a lot do not care to hear this but, I believe Brian has riddles for the FBI, he knew what happened to gabby. He could have killed her, its obvious but what if he was to scared to report an accident and just left her. He must know his time is up and therefore he intends to leave messages to be investigated. It's such a sad day for gabby, her dream came true with her content on social media and we all know she is such a great soul. I wish she never left this world, this is so devastating for her family's/ friends and all the people grieving for her at this point. She will definitely be missed even though I didn't know her. I hope they make a change to Abuse under Gabby's name and take more precautions when it come to females, not being Bias.. She had a whole life planned and Brian did this, why can't he speak! Brian, if you see this, just come clean. This was your significant other, she deserves better justice then what she is getting. We need help with knowing what happened!. If you didn't do it then come clean to FBI and tell them what happened. No need to be scared if you didn't commit a crime.. RIP gabs

  4. This was all god thank you for helping gabbie and her family this is all so sad i pray he is found soon god bless all

  5. Did you guys see towards the end of seeing the white fan, in the bottom left corner you can see like a face or something screen record and zoom in

  6. This is a really sad story, we need to teach our children, that no one can hurt them on any way, being abused, and if they get into a relationship, and if they see something like this, the other part being abusive, to get out of the relationship, because we don't want to have to go through this. Real man, don't hurt a woman. and vice versa.

  7. I was wondering why would someone be driving a past her van now I know and thank god they did thank goodness they did it would be much longer for gabby to be found thank you so much being in the right place at the right time

  8. Seemed like a fake staged event. Why would they have a funeral on the news. Stupid. Why would the fathers not cry… or be choked up. This whole thing is a break from. Nazi vaccines. To this full nazi. They control it all like a puppet show. I don't believe it. Just the fact that they were living on the road just like millions of people might be doing soon is nuts. Trying to scare people back in there homes again. Stupid

  9. So you got a picture of gabbis van so what is that going to get brian arrested ive seen pictures of gabbis van also dosent prove a crime was being commited(but i do believe that he done something to her) all this is a picture of her van all this lady wants is 15 minutes of fame pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You did make it possible to give closure with bringing Gabby home to get parents . So very , tremendously sad ….

  11. Gaby was found not far from where the van was parked. He was caught in the middle of disposing the body, that’s why he shut the door when he heard a vehicle approaching and in his rush lost a sandal.

  12. When the camper van drove by and Gabbys back door of the van closed it was obvious only he was in there and Gabby was dead at this time- when they were pulled over by the police and the back door of the van was open we could see it was stuffed to the limit,it was highly unlikely two people could ever sit in the back in that state- The night before he most likely spent time staging her body and then later packing up their tent that morning and jumped into the back of the van when he saw the camper van driving down the road………thats my take on it anyway….

  13. Well there was no triangle sticker on the back right next to the ladder on the right hand side from this video not saying that that's weird just pointing it out and one more odd thing is the Ford emblem when you drive past it was directly center in the vehicle where it should be after they show a picture of the vehicle in Brian Landry's parents home/ garage if you can go to the clip the Ford symbol in the grill is offset don't know if that is kinda of weird that no one has mentioned about the Ford emblem being offset and at least a week goes by vehicles back at the parents after the trip so called the emblems offset if that was the van that you drove past

  14. So this was the 27th, no extra bumper stickers on the car about "life being good." On the 29th he was hitch-hiking and acting extremely suspicious…home bty the 1st. I totally believe, by his behavior during both hitch-hiking incidents, that she was already dead. People who saw him in the campground on the 27th saying that he was acting weird…after a big fight at the restaurant. Oh, Brian, when did you carefully put bumper stickers on the car after Gabby died? Were you victorious that you had finally killed, like the zodiac killer (who you read about), and like other serial killers that you read about? Or was she the 3rd (or more) after you had also killed the other women? You fantasized about death and killing in your art work. You delighted in the game of the 911 call, having Gabby traumatized while you laughed and joked that she was crazy and cast doubt over her. You couldn't hide your glee that that she was in a helpless position, and could be arrested for "abusing" YOU. The irony of her even dreaming of having any power over you must have sent you into part of your laughing delight. It must have seemed funny enough that you had the power to press charges, though you never would have because it would have removed her from your control (you were already laughingly concerned in front of the cops that she "hopefully wasn't saying too many bad things about you"). The power must remain a secret. Yet you now had humiliation of Gabby for her mental illness on record, and could use that against her. "You are just crazy, Gabby, see? Even the cops know it." The complete narcissist and gaslighter. But this power wasn't enough. You had likely daydreamed about becoming a serial killer for a long time. I tell you what. If you were truly this deliberate, they had better catch you before you do it again.

  15. Has anyone taken notice at that woman's eye's in this video? Watch closely because they change ! If you watch in slow Mo her pupils become slivers!!

  16. Ohhh Gosh, You’ve lost your son. 😢 you’re a strong woman, how you bear the loss of your son. Breaking me inside. RIP Gabby and your Son

  17. According to local eyewitness accounts, his parents left him at the DeSoto Park campground on Sept. 8th. —Dog.

  18. Watching you talk about this really touched me. Made me cry. I could feel you about to cry as soon as you said you was glad to be able to give that to gabbys parents. And then talking about you’re son. I’m sure you know this. But he really is with you, in more of a real sense than most people realize. ❤️

  19. God Bless this woman. She is amazing. It's a miracle. I believe her son Ethan helped her find the van. There's definitely a reason she was there. Thank you Lord for this beautiful soul and her footage and help. God Bless. RIP Gabby and Ethan.

  20. Their van had stickers in the back? Just watched the van after being looked for evidence and it showed the stickers! Bless this lady though and her efforts to help! 🙏

  21. I have pieced things together and Brian Laundrie has got to be responsible for the murderers of those 2 other women found dead in Utah in a nearby creek, partially undressed and with multiple gunshot wounds to their bodies. They were placed just like Gabby's body was found. The locations all line up. Him suddenly flying back to Florida and leaving Gabby all alone. Was that to get rid of evidence? The dates and everything happen to line up just way to perfectly with Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petitos public meltdowns all over the place. He stopped posting current photos and began posting old photos and suddenly started removing their location. Could that be because Gabby was all beat up and they couldn't post current photos. We saw he was all scratched up at one point. He is a narcissistic psychopath who abused Gabby and then killed 2 woman and when Gabby found out she freaked out and he started abusing her worse. He started building his alibi to get rid of Gabby immediately after those girls deaths on her Instagram. I am going to say that he definitely did it. The Instagram is more than enough proof to show Gabby's murder was premeditated. That is why they were fighting over her phone. He had took complete control of all her social media accounts. That is why he removed all the videos she had posted on YouTube. He was afraid she would say something or signal someone. We have a lot people on it connecting the dots. I suspect he is either in the Appalachian Mountains or South America where there is no extradition laws.

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