Robin, "I mean the potential extinction of the human race" Sky News April 17 – Extinction Rebellion


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Date: May 28, 2020

33 thoughts on “Robin, "I mean the potential extinction of the human race" Sky News April 17 – Extinction Rebellion

  1. Poor interviewer, worse interviewee. He seemed like he was on sedatives the whole time, didn't answer questions (true politician), spoke a load of vague, scaremongering twaddle, no facts. And oddly, next to no comments under this vid critical of the Extinction guy. Hmm… Let's see if my comment gets censored too.

  2. Even those poor Sky news viewers must let the penny drop after witnessing Boulton's pathetic, public school bully tactics. Robin had complete composure and didn't "storm off" as stated by Sky "so-called" news. He said beautifully what he wanted to say and immediately went on his way leaving Sky's whore to stutter. Great job.

  3. Wow! It's incredible how very much the moderator takes on the role of a rude smart-arse.

    Asking questions … and when Boardman-Pattinson starts answering Boulton speaks again and drowns out the answers. What a journalistic farce!

    "a load of incompetent, middle class, self-indulgent people who want to tell us how to live our lives."
    Maybe that's true. However: It's still better than letting corrupted and destructive, anxious middle class, self-satisfied people keep their non-diverse and ruinous ways of life.

    Like Boulton said: He knows "millions of people are going to die".
    His reaction is part of a sardonic and scornful mindset.

  4. I love the fact that Adam Boulton, who earns over £400,000 a year, and who was educated at two private prep schools and at a boarding school for boys in Westminster, and who then studied at Christ Church, Oxford, and Johns Hopkins University, calls Robin Boardman "middle class" as if Robin is the elite guy in the conversation. Newsflash, Adam: middle class is less elite than an upper class lard-assed twat like you.

  5. Wow! Can there be a better example of what we're fighting against. The host here is working on giving himself a massive heart attack through poor diet just like the fossil fuel industries are working on killing the younger generations off with their pollution. Both results are inevitable if nothing changes, yet the host is in complete denial. He's more concerned about where his next burger is coming from than he is in his own children's long-term survival.

  6. This is the last roll of the dice. Don't shoot these guys down. They must succede. The government will never act on it's own and it will end in catastrophy.

  7. The interviewer is ignorant. You can see he's a fat meat eating user of the planet's resources. He says he understands the climate emergency but continues to ask stupid questions

  8. "incompetent middle class self indulgent people" – how perfectly said – this is exactly how rich people see us middle class people…. they have no respect for us , no tolerance, no compassion… they will never agree to any compromises….. to give meat!? ….to give up flying on vacation!?….. totally shocking, but good to actually see it….the interviewer could not control himself and said what he was thinking… actually… what he does not realize is that there will be no international vacation or meat or even fruits or grains if we don't change our ways now….

  9. What an absolute disgrace of a host. He could not be more abrasive and ignorant if he tried. And he says that HE feels patronised?!? How you stayed so calm, I do not know, but I am very impressed; I would have been yelling at him. Maybe what people NEED is to be told what to do, because people just continue to f it up otherwise

  10. THIS is the dumb ass selfish capitalists who don't want people to tell them that we must ACT on the climate breakdown.

    They get angry when they are told that they will have to be inconvenienced and pulled away from their piggish feed trough so that the human race can survive.

    Wow. The representative for Extinction Rebellion did a fantastic job keeping his cool while the dumpy white privileged talking head insults him and calls him names.

    You know, you asshole deniers, we don't give a fuck if this pisses you off. Throw your baby temper tantrum while the adults DO something to save us all.

  11. I don’t know about all of you, but when my grandchildren are watching our planet die, I’ll be so happy my transport plans were not disrupted.

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