Ronny Dahl's American Adventure – Candid Discussion


We sit down with the man, the myth, the legend and get his take on America, Americans, and the US Overland Community.



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Date: August 6, 2019

32 thoughts on “Ronny Dahl's American Adventure – Candid Discussion

  1. OMG, why do you do these videos?? We are here for your travel vids. You MUST know this by now. So frustrating. Keep on, keeping on…..I guess

  2. Loved the discussion. I've been patiently waiting everyday to watch your videos.
    Okra is huge in Afghanistan. We eat them all the times. We also sun-dry it and then cook them in winter with dry tomatoes…yummy. we cook okra here in the US every time we have the opportunity to find them in the store.
    If you ever came to Sacramento, you just email me at niazhussaini07@gmail.com and we'll have a family meal of okra together.
    Big fan of your work. I, myself, am a family man, with 5 kids and huge family back in Afghanistsn, and also love driving, exploring, eating, sightseeing and so on.
    Best Regards,

  3. Awesome video once again. Ronny is one of my favorite Aussie overlanders. I loved his show about the dangers of winch cables. It was so informative and how really dangerous they really can be. He is a great creator on youtube and his knowledge is invaluable. Thanks for making this video, it really was great to hear from him and his perspective of the US.

  4. Yum, I love me some tacos. Heres one of my favorite camp taco recipes. Corn tortillas ( put a nice sear on them) butter flavor instant mash potatoes with a good serving of ground beef on top. Clean up is easy cuz you will eat it all. Yum.

  5. After watching your Overland adventures I must say how much myself and my wife have enjoyed your excellent presentation and the places you've travelled to. The interactions you've had either with so many people from locals in Alaska to fellow Overlanders, with each other to park rangers in Canada really add to the presentations. The reviews that you do are also excellent and whilst we don't currently Overland they give us food for thought …… never say never.

    The latest YouTube broadcast with Ronny Dahl has seen us subscribe to his channel also and, seeing as here in England it's very often raining and miserable although, don't get me wrong it's still beautiful, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to get up to date with Ronny's travels.

    Keep up the great channel Kevin, Sarah and Caroline and we look forward to your watching episode after episode of your travels, reviews, chats etc.

    All the very best

  6. Thanks for the video. I follow only a few YouTubers, however I follow both Ronny and Lifestyle Overland. Quite a surprise to see you both together. Your efforts in producing very informative videos are most appreciated and I did very much appreciate Ronny's comment regarding how damanding this is.

  7. Love to meet Ronny, Justin, Shauno and Graham. Their content has helped me to keep my sanity during a rough time in my life. They're the only content creators that bring you virtually into the bush.

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