Royal talks on Harry and Meghan’s future – BBC News


The Queen has announced a ‘period of transition’ in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will divide their time between Canada and the UK. Her Majesty hosted talks at Sandringham today said she was ‘entirely supportive’ of Harry and Meghan’s desire for a new role but she admitted she ‘would have preferred them’ to stay on as full-time working royals. The talks took place as Harry and his brother William issued a joint statement denying claims that their relationship had been damaged by bullying — on Williams’ part. The BBC’s Royal Correspondent Nick Witchell reports from Sandringham and Reeta Chakrabarti looks at what the developments tell us about the changing role of the monarchy in today’s society

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Date: February 19, 2020

39 thoughts on “Royal talks on Harry and Meghan’s future – BBC News

  1. How times have changed since Jan. 13. A friend reports they are calling Harry all the time trying to work something out. Trying to get them to attend whatever the coming united family appearance is all about to give the illusion all is well. Too late they realize they lost their best by ignoring, if not encouraging, Meghan's bullies. Better one of them goes to Australia to show they care. Guess they never thought of that.

  2. Meghan is a freaking controller. Harry is naive n was looking for a mother figure. She is such a selfish person. She has no relation with her own familiy n have made sure to cut all ties of Harry with his family to make him more dependant on her. She isolates him so that control him better. Besides, she is very arrogant she would have never accepted to see Kathrine the queen n her leaning n receiving orders.

  3. Of course the Queen has to be supportive! MM and PH announced without letting them do the announcement first .. kinda no choice that she had to do an emergency meeting in her cottage..

  4. I guess nobody showed Her Majesty and Harry markl’s 2018 film . She’s not even the leading unknown actress ,just supporting role of a man hunting/trapping ,sleeping with anyone useful ,lazy eyed social climber,just like in reality . I wish somebody make the firm and idiot Harry to understand before she will make money on our heritage .

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  7. You all racist ass should be talking about that pedophilia children molester, under the gutter prince Andrew the Queen of England privilege favorite son.. And those two jealous lazy betrayals do nothing brother William and his lazy bad minded selfish do nothing wife kate…

    William is an adulterer he had an affair with do nothing Kate friend when kate was having Her baby Louie. He always cheats on lazy do nothing Kate. Prince Harry didn't like what William was doing to Kate , that's the cause for the split between them.

    Leave prince Harry and Maghan alone they hasn't done nothing wrong… we the people of the commonwealth / the world knows all about the abuse, and bullying, and racist, trashy behavior,towards them…And the Queen never said a mumbling word, the palace never stand with prince Harry and his wife princess Maghan and baby Archie.

    They allow the media and attention seeking nasty stinking old unattractive Pierce Morgan to talk trash about Prince Harry and his wife and little baby. That so called brother do nothing prince William is the mastermind behind it all……….. You all should be flapping you all gums about that low life pedophilia children molester Prince Andrew that is the palace and sandringham big crisis.

    Another chapter/ crisis is that home wrecker Camilia that will be queen of England you all should be flapping you all gum about that home wrecker Camilla. Prince Diana is the world Queen………

  8. Whoever says there's no Racism in this is crazy and all lies are in Hell not Heaven so if you keep lieing we all know where your on your way to. Passive aggressive is the New Hellish lie…..

  9. The Queen had a great thing going with H and M Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan . They're whole family is falling apart now. Look at the press all focus on Megan when the Queens Youngest son a child molester and the other one Married his Mistress he was with when he Married Diane….. this family is not even conducting themselves like Royals. The press is bullying H and M . Britain is not looking good right now all over this small world. Prejudice is the culprit here, its the passive aggressive truth no one wants to admit….. but but but Heavenly Father sees all on his day of judgment when he judges us all.

  10. They sussex family are not going back to the UK … now you have no proper info.. The family did absolutely nothing to help Harry and meghan especially baby Archie kate and william loved all the evil tortue against meghan now they have sympathy for harry.. yes he must protect his wife and baby he served queen and country its long enough he paid his dues to the firm now he must take care of his own family. British racism caused this wonderful couple to leave .. now they all boring.. we will follow the sussex family only.

  11. This whole royal bullocks is just a fake persona. Money spent on them could be be well used elsewhere. I appreciate Harry and his wife the HRH title is just a marketing media hype. In fact in one way it create a social injustice in equality in a democracy. It is almost like class/cast system but we'll packaged not be visible. My greatest respect to the couple

  12. No public fund


    Yet Meghan an Harry is are wanting to sell her voice for disney ? Really??

    So they are useing the public for support aren’t they!?

    Harry sueing press

    Yet they are being paid to be front page of PEOPLE MAGAZINE???

    I saw it on news stand
    I an another lady spoke about hypocrisy of Meghan plan useing Harry to sue media
    Yet sell the front page!

    I was in the grocery store an same thing occurred and people actually laughed about the two being full of Hypocrisy!

    Nobody cares about this Meghan gal! She was a washed out D RATED ACTRESS !

    She is a tyrant narcissist personality!





    if Harry leaves her an does drift back to his own country

    Of course they will take him back


    Any man that weak minded speaks volumes about a mans stances as a man!

  13. Some british are racist.Royals are protecting a rapist of children: Prince Andrew. And some British would prefer pay private Jets to a rapist to meet with eipstein in private Islands rather than a mixed women who Stand for children, poverty, women etc. That is what i learned of all this Mess. And I am latin.

  14. Time to end the monarchy and give the people a president.If the media spent as much time on why we need a republic instead of reports about how the royal family lives,we'd have a president by now.The narrative is not to run days or week long reports on ending the monarchy,it would change people's minds that's why we get this emotional side about the Royal family reported every day.To keep the British unthinking cabbages when it comes to republican politics.

  15. Good riddance! Now if Her Majesty could only get randy Andy to want to move out of the country> Meghan Markle is an actress, a pretender by nature, a woman who assumes fake identities, reads scripts that other people write for her . . . it is amazing she even remembers her real name. If Harry wants to leave, he needs to do it totally. In a few months no one will remember them as working royals.

  16. Every girlfriend Harry has ever had the media and British people have ran them away this one Harry wasn't willing to let go, thats why he warned her about piers Morgan, so like he said he had no option if he didn't get her out of the U.K. she would have left him, why should he give up his wife and son for you people he does not owe you anything and you people don't own him, he did what he had to do PROTECT HIS WIFE AND SON you people can't do for him what Meghan does for him, obviously she makes him feel a certain way so just leave them alone they will survive because they have each other

  17. If MM wasn’t welcome as a human being besides mix race , I am sure, she would not have been accepted regardless. Whatever excuse MM has, is based on her fears, rejections, and her dishonorable behavior/attitude above the human race. Her disagreement could have been handled with more respect .

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