Russell Howard's Beef With The Daily Mail – Alan Carr: Chatty Man


Russell Howard is on the show talks how with all of the problems currently in the world, the Daily Mail’s main story was “Is There No One Left In Britain Who Can Make A Sandwich?”

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Date: January 21, 2020

17 thoughts on “Russell Howard's Beef With The Daily Mail – Alan Carr: Chatty Man

  1. the main problem with all social media and govenrment is its censorship, so that when you silently block all the truth, the only opinions left are the lies they want you to beleive. For example, despite claiming "the below comments are not moderated" they are. With any real issues or words automatically blocked, such as "mason, freemasonry, royal family, conspiracy, rothschild, etc" with real issues like the jimmy saville case having all comments blocked completley! Same goes for youtube, facebook, etc.

  2. I think what's gorgeous about this is that Russell's pissed at the mail for putting a sandwich over real topics, but then Alan drives him into a talk about sandwiches over real topics.

  3. a subscriber's holiday wish for 2014, that all the Chatty Man shows be put up on YT on a single channel so that my days can be filled with hilarity and joy. Alan Carr does nothing but deliver on both with excess plentitude.  Thanks for Giving the World a Good Laugh!.  we need it so. …now what's in that globe, I'm parched!!!

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