SA still on UK travel red list


South Africa remains on the UK’s travel red list of countries despite lobbying from the government and business community. Infectious Disease Specialist Dr Jeremy Nel compared the UK COVID-19 data to that of South Africa. #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403


Date: September 27, 2021

39 thoughts on “SA still on UK travel red list

  1. Why is the government trying to establish diplomacy with a country that's trying to isolate itself from the rest of the world? Let the British rot under the tories

  2. Please explain why we must have the Vac if we know it does nothing to stop the spread, seems it only treats the symptoms. However you need a vaccine to travel in order to curb the spread 🤔

  3. Why does it matter what UK thinks?
    As long as they jail journalists like Assange for no crime they are an authoritarian regime unworthy of our patronage as a democratic country.

  4. Borris Johnson is busy with Joe Biden…. He is dealing with the big leagues first world countries signing $80 billion dollar deals… He has no time for South Africa

  5. We have to accept that our vaccination progress is atrocious like like everything else in the country that is falling apart.
    Typically we are now blaming on someone else for our own failures.

  6. Mrs Alice Foster is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  7. We wantbto come home, we can't because of the silly quarantine that weneed have upon our return to the UK. What is the point to be fully vaccinated and most if not a Douth Africans in UK r vaccinated so we could come home. I think this is political more than anything else.

    We r Proudly South African. 🇿🇦🇿🇦

  8. Tell us Doc. If a vaccine is not 100% guaranteed to eradicate the virus, and if booster vaccinations are needed every year, and if the virus is still spread by vaccinated people, and if vaccinated people still get the flu [sorry 'covid" as you now call it], why on this Earth does the vaccine exist? Is the money you are paid to hide the truth THAT good? Can any amount of money be worth more than another persons life, work, freedom, trust and support? Repent, accept Jesus Christ as your Savior instead of the WHO and demon covid.

  9. It's because no decent government on their right mind believes anything or any type of covid figures coming from any anc spokesman in south africa….they are all liars and thieves…simple as

  10. Yeah I think it a good thing, so it will teach some people that when you have problems in your country you stay & find solutions to fix but not running to other countries. I wish it stay there for at least 3 years. 😂

  11. Scrap BBBEE and Affirmative Action and see how business will flourish! WE HAVE TO STOP THE BRAIN DRAIN …with every businessman or woman leaving the country, HUNDREDS or even Thousands of people are losing jobs and incomes! Margaret Thatcher fixed the UK by getting rid of every single Union in the UK , as they are the ones holding a gun to the heads of our country and economy! Employers can't afford the wages anymore so people must go! Get back to basic!

  12. UK red list? who cares…Zuma is out of prison we have our issues. and Queen Elizabeth should return our diamonds and give Indian their Gold

  13. Why do you want to be off the red list of a country that should by all rights be on our red list? If they're open to countries with way more cases and having waves, then I'm like great. Block me so I don't have to block you!

  14. The obvious question, when dealing with politicians, is to ask who will benefit from SA being on the red list. One has to consider the possibility of lots of money exchanging hands for redirecting the UK tourist cohort to countries who are prepared to pay handsomely, in whatever form, for the influence of the UK government under a perfect guise! I smell a very large UK government rat despite our abysmal vaccination performance!

  15. I wish the UKs corporate entities will leave our borders along with their central banks..and i wish they will stop all exports of OUR food, raw minerals,precious stones and metals to the UK and the USA and we will gladly part our own ways..

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