Samantha Brick's Daily Mail Complaints About Her Beauty Enrage Web, Leads to Thousands of Comments


21 thoughts on “Samantha Brick's Daily Mail Complaints About Her Beauty Enrage Web, Leads to Thousands of Comments

  1. On yes women are extraordinarily uncomfortable by the sight of a beautiful woman! It's extreme. Case in point, just look at psychologist(!) Emma Kenny in the interview where she had to sit next right next to the beautiful blonde samantha. Emma was already anticipating her own discomfort and jealousy so she had her eyes and faced absolutely CAKED and COVERED with makeup so she could feel like the competition she was having in her own head against this blonde could be somewhat leveled onscreen. A psychologist! It goes to show you how biologically embedded envy is in the female DNA and explains why it pervades every race, every age, every industry. Women are very very ashamed of their jealousy, rightfully so, and there is nothing more insulting therefore to a woman than when she is called jealous. Hence, why women erupt in a rage when you call them jealous.

  2. Yes she is absolutely gorgeous on the outside but her arrogance makes her unattractive. I would never be threatened by a beautiful woman but I certainly avoid arrogant ones like her. Get a grip

  3. She never claimed to be the most beautiful woman out there she said she felt she was treated differently because she is pretty. Also women do not like to admit they are jealous or resentful of other women

  4. I know this is years back but it popped up whilst looking for funny vids about dogs so i`ll comment,,I would tap it but she`s a 7 beer job,give her the wrong number and walk away lol

  5. You can already see how Samantha and the other two women in the studio made their best to look dope–full makeup, high heels, slinky clothes, etc.–because each want to claim she's the prettiest. Jealousy and cattiness…they're innate to most women.

  6. The thing is with people they tend to attack anybody that has everything they don't. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Search golden ratios and so fourth. If people are this offended maybe they should lose weight or get plastic surgery. Facts do not care about your feelings. She isn't a Olivia Wilde but she is hot I can see it. The way people just hate on anybody tht has lost be and happiness is far beyond sick more than someone knowing they are beautiful. Love yourself. Screw the haters they can get over it. They waste their time hating on others.

  7. She is fine as hell.

    . If she was fat or ugly you wouldn't attack her. If you are beautiful be proud. You rather see women call themselves ugly. People do hate on beautiful women

  8. I feel like shes being attacked from the other two. I think what she is saying has some truth to it. People want you to be pretty but dont want you to act like you know you are. Wtf? I feel like women can be as she says and I do think I'm pretty, I love my looks maybe I'm not a super model but I still feel some women dont like me maybe because I am content in myself, happy go lucky extrovert and uniquely pretty with curves. I think this show proved her point.

  9. Women will rally behind you if you think you're ugly and they'll call you beautiful to build you up.

    God help you if you start to believe them though- cant have real confidence. That's when they hate you.

  10. The sad irony is that even if Samantha Brick weighed 300 lbs. or had a facial deformity, women would still HATE her.

    HINT: It’s not your beauty that makes women hate you. It’s your narcissistic, hypocritical, horrid personality.

    Funny how she complains about being pretty and yet her current husband told her that if she got fat, he would divorce her.

    It also doesn’t help that she once wrote an article claiming that a BBC presenter shouldn’t be on TV because she’s too UGLY ( ).

    Well, wait a minute! Didn’t Samantha just say being pretty was a bad thing? So by her logic, wouldn’t having an ugly female presenter on the BBC be a good thing 😂? 🤔🤔

    She says women hate her for being pretty, but she told women that they have to go on a perpetual diet in order to stay thin, since fatness is a bad thing.

  11. The brunette psychologist Emma is way more beautiful. I think men see Brick as easy trash rather than out of their league class so feel they're in with a shot and clearly not punching above their weigh.

  12. Only insecure women (or people in general) don't like beautiful women. Most women aren't like this. Aside from that, however, I'm not convinced Samantha fully believes she's attractive, because usually people who truly know they are attractive don't need to prove it to anyone else, and they certainly don't go shouting it to the whole wide world.

  13. Well most Brits are ugly so by their standards she's beautiful but go to beauty Giants like Brazil and she's just average. She's no Adriana Lima or Jessica Alba.

  14. Poor thing. She definitely has a mental issue called a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, where people interpret everything and their favor and cannot see themselves critically.

  15. as a golden rule, you never say how beautiful you think you are out loud. People will always judge you more harshly, as you have such a lofty opinion of yourself.

    On a side note, being on both sides of being ugly looking and let's just say more acceptable, I have never envied beautiful people in my environment. I just thought it is just a fact of life and you just need to face it and move on. In fact, my best friend was one of the most beautiful people I have ever known. Funnily enough, people would say I just hung out with her so I would get noticed or also accused me of being jealous.

    I know many acquittances in my life who are both very beautiful people, yet being very kind and very friendly and have sooo many friends.

    On unrelated subject, boy that therapist was she infuriated with Samantha. She has remarked she doesn't mind Sam or other girls thinking they are attractive, yet she had so much to say to Samantha and it wasn't positive at all.

    In all honesty, it should have been a male psychologist who would observe Sam behaviour and then make comments. Whether you like it or not the lady psychologist was biased as she was a woman, so she had her own take on the subject.

  16. Samantha  Brick isn't attractive enough to be making those kind of comments. A stunner like Olivia Wilde, Jodi Lyn O Keefe, Charlize Theron, Victoria Silverstedt  could get away with making  those kind of comments. Because they are women who are extraordinarily beautiful. What makes this absurd is the fact that Samantha is a plain/average looking woman. She is nothing special. That's why her article is so controversial.

  17. She's attractive , not beautiful but she is right . Women will deny it all day long but most of them are threatened by other women that they secretly deem prettier .

  18. "Poeple don't like beautiful women?" Delusional. The psychologist is actually prettier than Smantha and makes far better arguments. So I like her better.

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