Santa came early for boy who asked for a refrigerator to store yogurt


Saint Nick came a week early for a group of preschoolers in Brazil, thanks to a Christmas letter penned by one of their four-year-old classmates.Ysrael Muniz wrote a note to Santa Claus asking for a new bike or an electronic police car – typical for a child of his age.But one part of his holiday wish that stuck out the most was the new refrigerator the Rio de Janeiro boy sought to have delivered from the North Pole by Santa and his reindeers on December 25.His sealed Christmas letter made it to the local post office in the town of Niterói in time and its content immediately caught the attention of staffers, according to Brazilian outlet G1. Share this article Share The second youngest among four siblings, Muniz shared that he was forced to eat his yogurts quickly and could not save what was left over because the family fridge did not function properly.’Hello, Santa Claus. My name is Ysrael and I’m 4 years old. I live with my parents in a very simple house together with my four brothers, one of them is still a little baby,’ he wrote.’My mother takes care of me and my brothers while my father picks recyclables  down the street [cardboard, bottle ] to sell and buy food for us. This Christmas I would like to get a police cart or a bike to play with my older brothers,’ Muniz added. ‘Mr. [Santa] can you give me a fridge, too? It doesn’t have to be new. It is to store my yogurts because when we get them, I have to have it on time so it will not spoil. If you can’t, no problem, the bike will make me very happy. Thank you.’ On Tuesday morning, Muniz and his friends got the surprise of holiday season when Father Christmas showed up at the school with a group of helpers towing the family’s new refrigerator and toys for everyone else.He was also gifted a new soccer ball. Muniz’s heartwarming letter was among 6 million mailed across the South American country and part of the 30th annual ‘Post Office’s Santa Claus’ gift drive for underprivileged children. The campaign ran from November 4 to December 6.’It was a great time of joy for the children and also for family members and teacher,’ the post office told Brazilian outlet UOL. Santa came early for boy who asked for a refrigerator to store yogurt


Date: February 21, 2020

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