SAS Soldiers Deploy Into Enemy Territory With Minimal Intel | Special Forces S1 EP3 | Wonder


On January 21st, eight members of SAS squadron Bravo Two Zero under the command of Sergeant Andy McNab are airlifted to northwestern Iraq. “The whole regiments effort was focused on stopping the scuds firing into Israel,” according to McNab. “The problem was there was no information; very little mapping and no satellite imagery of the area.” That lack of information would prove to be Bravo Two Zero’s undoing.

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Date: May 25, 2020

43 thoughts on “SAS Soldiers Deploy Into Enemy Territory With Minimal Intel | Special Forces S1 EP3 | Wonder

  1. Winston Churchill arranged for the British Special Forces to start & train the American Special Forces during WWII. During one particular op, the Americans that were held in an Iraqi prison were tortured and revealed where some of the British SAS were hiding. Some were captured, tortured, but never broke to disclose the whereabouts of their team mates. After much negotiation they were released a long time later. The British SAS normally NEVER disclose their identity nor speak to the press. But they were so incensed by what happened to them that they did. They announced they would NEVER work with the Americans again. I am proud of have known an SAS soldier and they are still the best in the world. & God Bless ALL military members around the world, they are incredibly brave people…Thanks for the video

  2. they should not have sent those people in on foot. terrible decision,. they should have sent in tanks, hum-vees, attack helicopters, ect. and just go full force. using attack helicopters would move low and slow enough to find the scuds.

  3. Never read so much rubbish comments as i do here! It comes from airheads that never served and not fit to serve! The ones that served knows!

  4. SIR" you're Marine Soldiers, Navy Seal, are soo brave handsome, tough mission. Fighting for humanity desperately freedom. Sad soldiers deceased. Please God welcome the Marine Soldier's who's left behind warriors let them in to GOD HOUSE , Prayed,l rest in peace. SIR, Bless your come home safety. SALUTE!!

  5. America and Western countries and their daughter Israel created us terrorist organizations that demand freedom and then give them advanced weapons to kill people and commit suicide so that they will be an excuse for these cowboys under the pretext of fighting terrorism and then they complete the mission of the terrorists in order to terrorize people and displace them from their homes and their homeland so that the Zionist state occupies the lands by force the gangs to take out lands It is a sophisticated plan for what happened in America, Australia, Africa, many scenarios in multiple countries, where they killed more than 120 million people to live on their land after it was stolen.

  6. They actually went to a Allah Snack Bar & Disco — in downtown Baghdad.
    Luckily, their fine acting skills helped them blend with the locals — 'Derkah – Derkah – Mohammad – Jihad – Derkah – Derkah — Virgin Goats'

  7. Andy McNab failed to take the advice provided to him for he and his men to take Land Rover's in. He thought it would somehow jeapordize their mission. The Land Rovers it was believed would have provided them with a fast means of escape should they be compromised. Well he didn't take the advise and the rest is history.

  8. Michael Asher an ex-para/23 SAS retraced the steps of "Andy McNabb" in Iraq and interview people along the mission route and found out that not 200 Iranian soldiers died as claimed. The war exploits were all exaggerated to sell books to people who like to read and make money for "McNabb" who went on to make more money talking in USA about his exploits. .

  9. Everyone’s so up tight about how accurate they tell this story… so you guys wanna rewrite the history books too? Rewrite em to the exact detail God forbid if you change the story at all 😂😂😂

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